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The Winner of the Legacy Cup

At the 2014 AGM, we launched a friendly competition among PIPSC Regions to see which Region could raise the most money per capita for scholarships during the year.

The winning Region would earn the “Legacy Cup” plus an extra scholarship for a student in their Region.

Thanks to the members in all of the Regions for stepping up and contributing generously to this worthy cause.

Legacy Cup

President Daviau and Director Del Dickson presented the Legacy Cup to Brian Thompson, Director of the Atlantic Region.

On behalf of the Atlantic Region, Brian Thompson challenged the other regions to try to raise enough money to take the cup away from the Atlantic Region at the 2016 PIPSC AGM.

We are making a difference in the lives of Canadian youth. They represent the future of this country.

Legacy Cup

Join us so we can be “Better together.”

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Publish Date: 07-NOV-2015 03:42 PM