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Masochists at Dawn (MAD) Dash

Gordon Bulmer, Chair of the Committee on Human Rights in the Workplace (CHRW), encouraged members to participate in the MAD Dash to the National War Museum early Saturday morning.

This year, the Institute’s National Capital Region and CHRW were the sponsoring bodies of the MAD Dash.

In recognition of the participants’ stalwart efforts, a cash donation will be made to two charities for each delegate who successfully completes the course – strolling, walking, jogging or running.

“Suits his Style” is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the employment opportunities of men in need by providing professional attire with the vision of a world in which every man excels.

“Suits Me” provides professional clothing to woman in need in the Ottawa region. ”Suits Me” also hosts workshops to help women build confidence in their abilities, and support their transition to the workplace or volunteer sector.

Gordon Bulmer

Publish Date: 06-NOV-2015 05:10 PM