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Upcoming Candidates’ debate on the future of public services in Canada

On April 26, 2011, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. the Professional Institute, in partnership with the University of Ottawa, will host Election 2011: the Future of Public Services at the university’s Marion Hall Auditorium. Representatives of the five major federal parties (the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party, the Bloc Québecois and the Green Party of Canada) will be able to fully explain their parties’ respective plans for the future of the public programs and services that Canadians rely on.

The Institute has set aside 250 seats for its members. Those interested in attending this important event must register by completing the online form. Space is limited so register as soon as possible. Please note that a large turnout is expected and that organizers are encouraging audience members to arrive 45 minutes prior to the debate.

Additionally, all PIPSC members will be able to view a webcast of the event for 30 days following the debate, and Rogers Ottawa will rebroadcast the debate in the days ahead – the broadcast schedule will be posted on the PIPSC web site as soon as it is known. The Institute will also make the proceedings available to members.

This election is an important milestone for the public service and PIPSC members throughout Canada are encouraged to participate.

Once people have logged in, they will have the option to choose the live feed (they will have two options on each side, either unilingual or untranslated).

Starting at 6pm there will be an email address posted on the site for tech problems or questions.