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On October 19, Your Vote Matters More Than Ever

Debi Daviau

This fall, Canadians – including some 317,000 federal public employees – will vote in Canada’s 42nd federal election. This election is important in many ways, not least because it is different from previous elections. It will be the first to occur in accordance with the Conservative government’s fixed-date election law, passed in 2007. It will be the first to occur under the Conservatives’ controversial, so-called Fair Elections Act, which among other things imposes strict new identification requirements that could disenfranchise tens of thousands of eligible voters (e.g., students, seniors, aboriginals).

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Where the Parties Stand on Public Service Issues


On August 10, PIPSC submitted the following questions to the leaders of all the major federal parties running in ridings across the country. The following grid summarizes their responses. (Despite repeated requests, we did not receive responses from the Conservative Party of Canada.)

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Radio Ad

Hear PIPSC's Federal Election Ads

We have prepared these radio ads to help raise awareness of public service issues during the 2015 federal election campaign. They will air for two weeks starting September 7th, and in the week leading up to October 19th.



Let people know where you stand! Print these posters and display them in a prominent area of your home or use them as your personal computer’s wallpaper. Available in legal and letter size.


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