10 Questions You Should Ask Federal Candidates in 2015

The following are meant to complement PIPSC's 10-point plan to restore Canada’s federal public service. Before you vote on October 19, 2015, consider asking candidates who come to your door or at local all-candidates debates the following questions:

  • If elected, will you and your party commit to allow federal scientists to speak freely with media about their research, excluding of course research deemed too sensitive for reasons of national security?
  • Will your party commit to reinvest in adequate staff at CRA to properly target and investigate offshore tax cheats instead of charities?
  • Will you and your party commit to reducing government dependence on outsourcing, which currently costs Canadians $10 billion a year?
  • Will your party reinvest in government science programs – specifically, government science aimed at protecting the environment and Canadians’ health and safety as well as improving innovation?
  • Will your party overturn recent laws attacking free and fair collective bargaining, specifically contained in 2013’s omnibus budget bill C-4 and 2015’s omnibus budget bill C-59?
  • Will your party restore the mandatory long-form census?
  • Will your party stop the assault on professional, independent federal watchdogs?
  • Will your party restore and strengthen federal health, safety, and environmental regulations recently eliminated or weakened by the current government?
  • Will your party commit to make the role of Parliamentary Budget Officer independent of the Prime Minister and the government in power?
  • Will your party commit to strengthen federal employee whistleblower protections?