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As you may have read in the media, the Institute faced several challenges this fall. First, the government's request for exploratory and expedited bargaining led us to a difficult but nonetheless unified decision. While our Groups were more than willing to explore the possibility of concluding agreements quickly, it became impossible to do so when they learned that severance pay was put on the table by Treasury Board.  

Vol. 36, No. 4, Autumn 2010

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The Expedited Bargaining Saga

Representatives of the six Treasury Board Groups convened to discuss the employer's offer of expedited bargaining.

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The Expedited Bargaining SagaThe Expedited Bargaining Saga
In mid-September, a phone call unexpectedly brought the Institute Treasury Board Groups (AV, RE, SP, SH, CS, NR) back into full collective bargaining mode. 
Collective Bargaining ReportCollective Bargaining Report
Regional NewsRegional News
Preparing for the Federal BudgetPreparing for the Federal Budget
On October 21, 2010, President Gary Corbett presented the Institute’s views for the government’s pre-budget consultations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance  
Evidence vs. Ideology in Public PolicyEvidence vs. Ideology in Public Policy
On November 4, 2010, on Parliament Hill, MPs, journalists, and stakeholders gathered to discuss the roles that evidence and ideology play in the formation of public policy. 
Public Science - Science that Protects YouPublic Science - Science that Protects You
On the heels of its successful Science Policy Symposium in May, the Institute kicked off a public campaign on October 18, 2010 with the launch of a new website,  
The Shadow Public Service Number of Outsourced Employees Explodes
Exploring the Increasing Vulnerability of Employment Equity Groups
Know Your Rights - Workforce Adjustment and You
2010 Legacy Foundation Awards - A Record Number of Scholarships
GTEC: Canada’s Government Technology Event
2011 Gold Medal
Retired Members Guild
Government Parking Policy Update
Member Services Committee
Member News
Unrecognized Hero
Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee (PRQC)
Off the Beaten Path: Deer Lodge Centre - The Ride Continues
A Well Deserved Retirement!

Editor’s Note

Producing this magazine in English and in French every three months is both an exhilarating and demanding challenge. This magazine provides a synopsis of the main issues affecting the Institute and its members over roughly a three-month period. There are always issues which emerge at the last minute. Over the summer months I was wondering what would grace the cover of our autumn issue. Lo and behold, the topic appeared with Treasury Board's call to explore expedited bargaining. Instantly, this became the main issue of the fall! Find out more and send me your feedback at