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I am pleased to start this issue with a bit of good news. In July, the Federal Court rendered its decision to dismiss the federal government’s applications for judicial review of the registration fees clause which provides for the reimbursement of professional fees.  

Vol. 36, No. 3, Summer 2010

On the cover

Cover of Communications magazine

Science Policy Symposium

A mosaic of some of the important science stakeholders who made the Institute’s 2nd Science Policy Symposium a huge success.

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The 2nd Science Policy SymposiumThe 2nd Science Policy Symposium
The 2nd Science Policy Symposium convincingly reaffirmed the Professional Institute’s place in the forward ranks of the national debate over science, technology and innovation policy in Canada. 
Open Letter to President CorbettOpen Letter to President Corbett
I would like to say thank you and congratulate you on a well-written and "to the point" response to the Vancouver Sun regarding the government employees pension package.  
After Crowbush: Getting Ready for the Government’s Next Move After Crowbush: Getting Ready for the Government’s Next Move
On June 13-14, 2010, Canada’s Finance Ministers met in Charlottetown to discuss the results of the public consultation process on retirement security launched by the federal government earlier this year . 
Government Parking PolicyGovernment Parking Policy
When news of a potential new parking policy hit in April of 2009, PIPSC was acutely aware of the burden threatening its members. Public Works and Government Services Canada committed to consulting with the bargaining agents on the development of that policy. Unfortuantely, that commitment has not been upheld. 
“Poor No More” Needs Financial Support “Poor No More” Needs Financial Support
On the heels of the successful premiere of “Poor No More” at the House of Commons, copies of this documentary were released to PIPSC constituent bodies across Canada. From St. John’s to Victoria, Institute members viewed the film at meetings and acclaimed its message on the importance of labour unions in our society.  
Retired Members: A Valuable Resource Retired Members: A Valuable Resource
There's much to be said about people who have reached the pinnacle of their careers, been successful, designed and implemented long-term plans and strategic visions, and are now retired.  
Environmental Scientists: A Dying Breed?Environmental Scientists: A Dying Breed?
How is climate change affecting our forests? Is acid rain changing the pH level in the forest soil and if so, by how much? Is using salt on our roads in the winter affecting the plant life along our highways? 
2010 Gold Medal
Member News
2011 Census: Undermining the Integrity of Canada’s Public Service
Contracting Out - Your Intelligence Needed
Collective Bargaining Report
Engineers’ Arbitral Awards
Snapshots of the Prairie/NWT and Atlantic Regional Councils
Regional News
Off the Beaten Path - AECL: Brilliant Science Bungled
Time to Review Public Service Laws
Know Your Rights - The Policy Grievance: A 98-Pound Weakling Muscles Up
Do Separate Agencies Provide Better Working Conditions than the Treasury Board?
Steward Training Opportunities
B.C./Yukon Regional Council
Highlights of 2010 PIPSC Open (PDF)

Editor’s Note

What an exciting event it was to attend the Institute’s second Science Symposium. Getting to hear the panel of David Suzuki with Preston Manning was a unique experience. Stephen Lewis drew many to tears with his compelling stories. Most importantly, his message reminds us of how much misery is in the world and how fortunate we are to live in such a great country. This was truly an important event worthy of the Institute’s professional profile and vision.

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