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Collective Bargaining Report

Vice-President Debi Daviau

Vice-President Debi Daviau is spearheading the bargaining strategy.

Audit, Financial and Scientific (AFS)

Expiry Date: December 21, 2011

As a result of many meetings, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the AFS Group have agreed on a process for the provincial auditors of Ontario and British Columbia to enter the AFS Group for PSTAR (Provincial Sales Tax Administration Reform). The original CRA vision for the enhanced GST/HST program would have negatively impacted many members. The agreement reached resolves the Group’s concerns and ensures that AFS members are involved in the CRA growth program of GST/HST and safeguards our educational requirements. The AFS Group is holding town hall sessions to provide further information and respond to members’ questions.

Computer Systems (CS)

Expiry Date: December 21, 2010

In early June, the bargaining team had its first meeting. The team worked on the first draft of the bargaining proposals, based on the workshop results from the CS Contract Proposals Committee. The proposals are the product of the CS surveys done earlier this year and a review of grievances filed by the membership. The proposals were selected and prioritized by the CS Group Executive. Last round, the government passed legislation to limit economic increases. As well, Treasury Board was not prepared to discuss contracting out, classification and career development. The bargaining team and the CS Executive did not want to wait four years to be back at the bargaining table to deal with those critical issues for the group. Because the contract expires in December 2010, the group will send the Notice to Bargain to Treasury Board at the end of August, 120 days before the expiry of the contract as allowed under the Public Service Labour Relations Act. The details of the CS Group and Treasury Board proposals will be posted on the website immediately after the parties meet to exchange proposals in the fall. The CS Essential Service (formerly Designation) team began working with Treasury Board on a protocol to establish the essential services. The team will seek volunteers to help them select the positions to designate. The NOC/ROC (National Organization Committee and Regional Organization Committee) have met by telephone conference call. Members are encouraged to monitor the CS Group web site to see the activities in their regions (lunch & learns, Sub-Group AGMs, and information sessions). The bargaining team needs the support of all members of the group to improve the chances of success.

National Research Council - Research Officers/Research Council Officers (RO/RCO)

Expiry Date: July 19, 2011

The group and the employer have held discussions on the subject of the one-time entitlement leave being subjected to the carry-over vacation cap. A mediator was appointed by the Public Service Labour Relations Board to help resolve the disagreements. Since the mediator determined that no workable settlement is possible, this issue will now proceed to arbitration.

Research (RE)

Expiry Date: September 30, 2010

On July 14, the Institute served notice to bargain on behalf of the RE Group. This is a formal request for a one-year agreement with the economic increase of 1.5% in accordance with the Expenditure Restraint Act imposed in 2009. The Institute first made the request to extend the collective agreement for one year in January 2010 as well as in May. Treasury Board has until August 3, 2010 to respond to the notice to bargain.


Expiry Date: April 30, 2010

Bargaining sessions in March, April, May and July resolved most “non-monetary” issues. In June, the employer’s “classification transition proposal” was discussed. Overall procedural aspects of this proposal are generally acceptable to the union with some caveats. The dispute lies with the proposed “transitional” salaries put forward by the employer. The proposal must be acceptable to PIPSC members; but as it was put forward, it is not. As a result of the group’s comments and a counter-proposal, the employer appears to be more flexible. Regarding pay to be applied, once the “transitional” pay scale is agreed to, the Institute is proposing economic increases of 3.2% in 2010, 4% in 2011 and another 4% in 2012, i.e. a three-year agreement. The parties meet again September 7-8, 2010. Members should be aware that the employer is also seeking a reduction of the amount to be paid out in the case of an employee affected by the Departure Incentive Program.

Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN)

Expiry Date: September 30, 2011

The Institute and the employer agreed to extend the collective agreement to September 30, 2011. A 1.5% salary increase will be applied to all levels of the pay scale effective October 1, 2010 in accordance with legislation.