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Snapshots of the Prairie/NWT and Atlantic Regional Councils

Panel discussion

Bob Willman (Edmonton) at the mic, during the panel discussion of the “Poor No More” film at the Prairie/NWT Council May 28-29 in Regina.

Bonnie Pratt

Prairie/NWT Regional Director Bonnie Pratt (left) with AFS members Robert Beggs and Nancy McCune.


Delegates at the Atlantic Regional Council in St. John’s, Newfoundland May 28-29, 2010.

Carol McQuarrie

Carol McQuarrie, Winnipeg Office Administrator handled the organization of the Prairie/NWT Council.

Gayle Armstrong

Gayle Armstrong (AFS) and Eva Henshaw (CS) await their turns at the microphone to ask questions at the Atlantic Council.

Atlantic Council proceedings

Greg Murphy (AFS), Gerard Kenny (AFS) and Mike Pauly (NB-EN) do some networking during a break in the Atlantic Council proceedings.