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Contracting Out - Your Intelligence Needed

  • Is the person sitting next to you a long-term contractor?
  • Is that consultant earning significantly more than you for the same work?
  • Is that contractor doing the same work as you?
  • Is your recently-retired boss back at work on a lucrative contract?
  • Are you a long-term consultant who is frustrated by not benefiting from the benefits of full-time government employment?

The use of contractors to do core public service work has to stop! PIPSC is very concerned that even in a period of job losses and pay cuts our members see contractors doing fundamental public service tasks. The employer is avoiding its legal obligations to hire through the Public Service Employment Act, avoiding key principles such as merit and important protections for workers. The Institute continues to gather and analyse information on the tremendous extent and costs of this systematic use of contractors in the government.

Vice-Presidents Debi Daviau and Shannon Bittman are heading up the contracting out portfolio at the Institute. A number of actions are being investigated, but we'd like to hear from you about the "horrendous" contracting out cases in your workplace. As employees (or even consultants), you are the front line eye witnesses, and can provide us with the facts to reinforce our case and put an end to the abuse of contracting out. Tell us what you know. Email