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Open Letter to President Corbett

Hi Mr. Corbett,

I would like to say thank you and congratulate you on a well-written and "to the point" response to the Vancouver Sun regarding the government employees pension package. I am a little uneasy with all the bad press being written in the last few years regarding our pensions. It’s as if some institutions are using the current economy to try leveling down our well deserved packages. They should keep in mind that the economy runs in cycles. The day will probably come soon where the economy picks-up and the industries will start hiring again.

I am a Senior Computer programmer (in the CS classification group, currently a CS03). I remember vividly back in 1996 and up to a couple of years ago receiving regular calls from consulting firms offering me 2 to 3 times my yearly income if I were to work for them. Back in 1996 up to 2000 it was all related to the Y2K work offers. I was a COBOL programmer at the time. The offers were just coming in at a regular pace.

Then in 1998 I was assigned to work on a new ERP system called SAP. I have been working in SAP since then. From late 1999 up to maybe 2 years ago, I have been getting regular job offers in the private for double my salary. I received calls from Canada and also from all over the United States (Florida, Kentucky, California, etc.). I don't know how these people get our names but they do. Also, we have hired consultants regularly through the years. They were coming in for specific short term mandates. Although they were specifically told not to recruit us, they always made it clear that we would make lots more money if we jumped the fence.

I have always refused these offers because I always thought the working conditions were better in the government AND it provided me with a secure income for my family as well as a very good pension plan. And now after almost 26 years of service I hear all these rumours that the government wants to change the rules that I have been taking for granted thru all of my career. I find this very unsettling.

Mr. Corbett it is imperative that you continue to respond to any bad press we are getting out there. We can not afford to have our institutions utilize the current fragile economy as an excuse to lower our well-deserved pension packages.

Thank you.