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“Poor No More” Needs Financial Support

Poor No More CD

On the heels of the successful premiere of “Poor No More” at the House of Commons, copies of this documentary were released to PIPSC constituent bodies across Canada. From St. John’s to Victoria, Institute members viewed the film at meetings and acclaimed its message on the importance of labour unions in our society. Without the support of PIPSC and the other labour unions highlighted in the credits, this documentary would never have been brought to light.

“Poor No More” demonstrates the absolute necessity of unions in achieving a social solution – one where workers should be able to improve their lives as citizens and where corporations can achieve fair profit. Indeed, the film shows positive examples from other countries where union members sit on corporate boards of directors and where fair wages and benefits are improved for workers whilst the corporate bottom line also improves. It highlights the unfortunate trend towards more part-time jobs with no benefits leading to the further entrenchment of the permanent working poor. It depicts how governments are aware of this trend, but are unwilling or unable to stand against pervasive corporate lobbying that places corporate profit ahead of the public good.

The Institute has become aware that the producers of this documentary are now further dependent on labour, church and charity groups and even their own personal funding, to fully complete this documentary.

As a result, the Institute’s Board of Directors has asked all constituent bodies to support this cause by:

  • Showing this documentary at constituent body meetings.
  • Sharing its message with family and friends and other social interests.
  • Writing or speaking with Members of Parliament and offering to share the documentary in the spirit that it was shared on Parliament Hill at its inaugural showing.
  • Engaging in discussions about the issues raised by this documentary with family and friends and all Canadians.
  • Financially supporting the completion of this truly-Canadian documentary (to donate please send an email to Denis Bourguignon, Chief Financial Officer at

Generosity is critical to the successful completion of this documentary!