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New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors Meet with Conciliator, Want to Avoid Job Action

OTTAWA, January 25, 2017 – New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada will be meeting with a Conciliation Board on January 26-27 in an effort to break the impasse with the provincial government after overwhelmingly rejecting its contract proposal last year, with 97 per cent voting against it.

“We’re hoping the government will come to the table ready to resolve the situation once and for all. A symbolic 1% wage increase after years of salary freezes, no improvements in our working conditions and an ever-increasing workload are no more acceptable today than they were in 2016”, said Chris Titus, President of the New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors’ Association. “We’re the lowest paid Crown prosecutors in the country, it’s not unreasonable for us to want to be compensated fairly for the important work we do on behalf of the people of New Brunswick.”

“We’re going into our meeting with the Conciliation Board chaired by Elisabeth McPherson with an open mind,” added PIPSC Vice-President Steve Hindle. “We hope the government does the same. Nobody wants a strike that can only have a serious impact on the administration of justice in New Brunswick.”

The Conciliation Board is expected to issue its recommendations to the provincial Labour Board by mid-February.

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada represents some 55,000 scientists and other professionals across Canada’s public sector, including some 60 Crown Prosecutors employed by the Government of New Brunswick. The collective agreement between the Government of New Brunswick and its Crown Prosecutors expired March 31, 2013.

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Publish Date: 25-JAN-2017 01:47 PM
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