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Better Together Luncheon - November 18, 2014

Now that severance is gone, will we lose our sick leave next? What about our pensions? Will we lose them too? What could be down the road, will more members lose their jobs to contractors?

What is PIPSC doing about all this?

Join us for a Noon Hour Presentation when:

Shirley Friesen,
PIPSC Vice President and
Karen Hall,
Better Together Regional Mobilization Coordinator

Will discuss the “buzz” about Better Together. What is Better Together? Why is it needed? How can members get involved in Better Together? Will it help?

Where: YWCA Vancouver, 535 Hornby Street
When: Tuesday, November 18 2014
Time: 12:00 till 1:00 PM
A Light Lunch and Refreshments will be provided
To ensure there is enough Food and Drinks for everyone please contact:

Dan Jones 604-839-4315 e-mail
Karen Hall 604-367-3248 e-mail
Archer Schultz 604-314-2617 e-mail
Sabina Denton 604-340-9837 e-mail
Robert MacDonald 604-535-0447 e-mail

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