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BC-Yukon Region


JANUARY 20, 2011


GUESTS: Harinder Mahil - Vancouver Office ERO
Joe Ahrens - Negotiator - Regrets

PRESENT: Sandra Dahl, Amy Genier, Wanda Aschacher, Darren VanLangen, Sharlene Clarke, Laura Spicer, Dave Waldron, Brenda Mattson, Stephen Clarke, Agnes Riediger, Betsy Cowan, Yvette Berquist, Kathleen Chapman, Ruth Lourens, Jolanta Hantleb, Madeleine Girard, Lee Ash, Eric Soprovich

1. Meeting called to order at 1645hr

2. Approval of Agenda- m/s Agnes, Betsy, carried

3. Adoption of Yukon Branch/WGH Group AGM Minutes of September 24, 2009- m/s Madeleine, Betsy, carried

4. Introduction of Executive Members and Stewards

5. Address by Harinder Mahil:

a. Harinder has been with PIPSC as ERO for 8 yrs
b. Harinder met with WGH management today for UMC and congratulated hospital on being top 100 employer in Canada. This will be advantageous for negotiations
c. National issues include
i. the recent re-election of Gary Corbett to President of PIPSC. Only 17% of membership voted, and only 5% voted from WGH. Members must understand that if their vote is important and to vote;
ii. What happens with the Treasury Board influences other bargaining units. i.e.: Nationally PSAC agreed to discontinue severance pay on retirement. PIPSC disagreed knowing that this would be detrimental to our members.
d. -WGH Collective Agreement expires Jan 31, 2011.
-WGH PSAC have completed negotiations and ratification set for end of January
-PIPSC would like 2yr contract- PSAC offering 4yr, pension discussion, review of our contracts language, consideration of Watson Lake,
e. As union members we must remember that solidarity is very important and “An injury to one is an injury to all”
f Joe Ahrens was WGH groups negotiator and is now acting chief negotiator and unable to fulfill his commitment to WGH negotiations. As there are dates set for negotiations in March and April, Joe is trying to replace as soon as possible. Harinder has offered his experience and service as negotiator.
g. Stewards role in the workplace: are volunteers and are communicators/liaisons

6. Report of Yukon Branch President: Wanda Aschacher-see attached

7. Report of WGH Group President: Sandra Dahl- see attached

8. Annual Financial Reports for Yukon Branch and WGH Group-Amy Genier- -see attached
Motion to accept reports: m/s Sharlene, Yvette, and carried with change to title from WGH Branch to Yukon Branch

9. National Joint Council Isolated Posts Report- see attached

10. Federal Superannuation Pension Report – John Staric - report pending

11. INAC Labour Management Consultation Committee-Laura Spicer-see attached

12. WGH Group Committee Reports:

a. Classification Committee- Sandra Dahl- see attached
b. Elections Committee- Brenda Mattson- see attached
c. Education Committee- Brenda Mattson- see attached
d. Occupational Health and Safety Committee- Darren Van Langen- see attached
e. YWCH&SB Stakeholders Advisory Committee- Sandra Dahl- see attached
f. Pension Committee-Sharlene Clarke- see attached
g. Yukon Advisory Committee on Nursing- Amy Genier- see attached
h. Professional Standards and Practice Committee-Wanda Aschacher-see attached

13. New Business:

a. Proposal to amend WGH Group Name to YHC Group –vote unanimous and carried
b. Yukon Steward of Distinction Award-Wanda Aschacher-YAHOO!!!
c. Prizes- many excellent door prizes drawn for.

14. Meeting adjourned at 1816hr. m/s Lee and Madeleine, carried

Minutes recorded and typed by Wanda Aschacher

Publish Date: 10-FEB-2011 10:30 AM