National Capital Region

NCR Regional Council 2013 Call for Delegates

To: All NCR members

From: Sean O’Reilly, Chair, NCR

Date: April 2013

Subject: NCR Regional Council 2013

Greetings All,

I am pleased to announce that our National Capital Regional Council will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15, at the Hotel Hilton Lac-Leamy, 3 boulevard du Casino, Gatineau, Quebec. Your NCR Executive invites you to apply online by May 17, 2013. Once you have applied your individual Branch Executives will review all applications and provide a delegate list to the NCR.

You will receive confirmation of your Delegate status by May 24, 2013.

A detailed Agenda will be posted and announced on our PIPSC Web site once it is finalized.

NCR By-Law Amendments and Resolutions:

It is mandatory that all proposed changes to the NCR By-Laws and Regulations be signed by two members and sent to the Lorraine Young no later than 6 weeks (May 3, 2013) prior to the Council to assure that we are able to meet the requirements set out in By-Law 14.

According to By-Law 14, this is the only way that changes to the NCR Constitution can be considered at the Regional Council; By-Law amendments by resolution from the floor of the Council shall not be permitted. Any resolutions submitted from the floor will be dealt with once all other business has been completed.

Resolutions to the PIPSC AGM:

You are encouraged to send any proposed Resolutions to the PIPSC AGM, to be sponsored by the Region from the NCR Council, to the NCR By-Laws Committee by May 3, 2013, for review and possible suggestions for changes to wording to clarify them before submission to the NCR Council. Submit them to Lorraine Young.

Changes to Council functions:

Pursuant to the President’s announcement to members of March 5, 2013, the suspension of all financial provisions of the Policy on Balancing Union Activity and Family Life with the exception of Sections 3a and 3b will be implemented at the Regional Council this year. These changes include the following steps:

  • Cancellation of the Saturday night stay-over for members and their guests, unless they are unable to return home before 20:00 following the Council;
  • There is no Thursday night stay-over for delegates, unless you have to leave home before 07:00 on June 13, 2013 to arrive by 12:00 at the Hotel.

In addition, the NCR Region has also implemented the following changes to the Regional Council:

  • Cancellation of the Friday night Gala, you will be on your own, and will be reimbursed the per-diem rate for the meal for yourself;
  • Cancellation of the provision of breakfast for registered delegates on Saturday morning. You will be on your own, and will be reimbursed the per-diem rate for the meal.

There will be a cocktail reception Friday evening which will allow you to mix with other delegates in a more relaxed setting.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact your Regional Directors.

Key Dates (Deadlines):

The deadline for you to apply online for delegate status is May 17, 2013

The deadline for submitting changes to the NCR Constitution is May 3, 2013

Resolutions to the PIPSC AGM should be submitted by May 3, 2013


Details for registration will be provided to delegates by May 24, 2013

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Solidarity,

Sean O’Reilly
Chair, NCR Executive


Publish Date: 11-APR-2013 10:05 AM