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Prairie/Northwest Territories Region

Prairie/NWT Regional Labour School


May 23-25, 2013
Lakeview Resort, Gimli, Manitoba

This year’s Labour School will be comprised of two concurrent training modules. A maximum of 25 stewards will be registered for each module.

Module 1

Soft Skills for Hard Issues- Putting Knowledge into Practice

This 3-day course is designed to give stewards greater knowledge and experience in a broad spectrum of their duties, through role play scenarios and inter-active group discussions. Focus will be placed on how to deal with situations that stewards will run in to on a regular basis, including investigations, informal discussions with management, and more formal matters such as presenting cases. Graduates of this course will have the confidence and knowledge to represent members in a variety of settings.

Module 2

Human Rights and Harassment

This course runs over 3 days. The first 2 days will be devoted to Human Rights in the workplace. Participants will receive training on the key principles and legislation guiding human rights in the workplace as well as the intersection between the duty to accommodate and human rights. By the end of the course they will be able to identify critical issues around human rights in the workplace and develop the confidence and capacity to effectively advise and support members experiencing discrimination. The third day will be devoted to bullying and harassment in the workplace. Instruction will be given on recognizing bullying and harassment within a larger context of workplace violence. Strategies and resources to assist and support members who are a target of harassment and/or bullying will be identified.

Following the deadline date for application, the Regional Training Committee will review the applications to ensure eligibility (i.e. basic steward training completed; have not taken the course in the previous 3 years etc.). In the event that there are more applications than spaces available, a final selection will be made to ensure an equitable distribution of attendees among departments, groups and locations.

If you are interested in attending, please complete the Application Form and return it to the PIPSC Winnipeg Office on or before the deadline of April 4, 2013.

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