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Prairie/Northwest Territories Region


September 11 and 12, 2009

Delta Calgary South

135 Southland Drive SE

Calgary, Alberta


Friday, September 11, 2009
1:00 - 4:30 pm
Rundle Meeting room

“Member Services” Linda Martel, Section Head, PIPSC Membership

“PIPSC Service Plus” Andrew Gize, PIPSC Program Development Officer

“Pensions” David Gray, PIPSC Vice-President

“Financial Record Keeping” Robert Hunter, Chair, PIPSC Finance Committee

Saturday, September 12, 2009
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Rundle Meeting Room
(Lunch will be served in the Kananaskis Room 1 and 2)

1 Call To Order – Robert Hunter, Regional Director

2 Introductions and Welcome

3 Appointment of Chairperson

4 Appointment of Parliamentarian

5 Prairie/NWT Regional Council - Delegate Count

6 Approval of Agenda

7 Minutes of the 2008 Prairie/NWT Regional Council

8 Business Arising from the Minutes

8.1 Status of Resolutions Passed at the 2008 Prairie/NWT Regional Council

9 Financial Presentation – Robert Hunter, PIPSC Finance Committee

(To view the financial Budget, please register on the following Link)

10 Reports on Regional Activities

10.1 2009 Prairie/NWT Stewards Council – Robert Hunter

10.2 Membership Services Committee and Prairie/NWT

     Regional Training Committee Reports – Dwayne Onagi

11 Guest Speaker – Gary Corbett, PIPSC President

12 Prairie/NWT Regional Executive Reports

12.1 Regional Director's Report – Robert Hunter

12.2 Treasurer/Executive Secretary Report – Barrie Wickware

13 New Business

13.1 Resolutions

13.1.1 Submitted Resolutions (including proposed revision to the Prairie/NWT Regional Constitution)

Regina Branch

13.1.2 Resolutions from the floor

13.2 Delegate allotment for the 2009 PIPSC AGM

14 Election of Prairie/NWT Regional Executive

14.1 Members at Large from a Small Branch (two positions)

15 Other Reports

15.1 Regional Representation - PIPSC Edmonton and Winnipeg Offices

15.2 Branch Reports

North-Eastern Alberta
Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

15.3 Reports from Prairie/NWT Region Members on PIPSC National Committees

By-laws and Policies Committee
Committee on Human Rights in the Workplace (CHRW) Report
National Elections Committee Member Report
Report of the PRQC

16 Other Business

17 2010 Prairie/NWT Regional Council

18 Adjourment

General Information re: Calgary Visit

Weather outlook (our hot weather will end during PRC)
A famous shopping stop that I did not include before.

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