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Ste- Anne’s Hospital Transfer – Veterans Affairs

Update - May 3, 2013


Out of the three meetings we had with management representatives this week, no headway was made in any of them.

Monday (first meeting): a consultation session along with our union partners. At this meeting, management told us that the governance issue had been settled: full integration into the CSSS de l'Ouest de l'Île [Montreal]. We were a bit skeptical, since this was not the first time management had made this announcement.

Whereas the unions and VAC had agreed in consultation to an information session on the two pension plans, sessions that were initially planned for the week of April 29, management went back on its word and informed us that these sessions would not be offered until the Quebec government’s sessions had taken place. For now, some three-hour sessions on the federal pension plan will be offered to employees who are eligible for retirement.

Wednesday (second meeting): a very brief meeting to inform us of the progress made on federal/provincial job matching. Bad news: the job matching process is underway but has not been completed, and it is confidential.

Thursday (third meeting): one-hour meeting in Québec City with the provincial negotiator, Michel Fontaine. PIPSC representatives Lyne Morin and André Lortie attended, as well as the VAC negotiator and the provincial and federal project leaders, respectively. At this meeting, we were able to bring our concerns to the attention of the Quebec negotiator. If there are no satisfactory answers to these concerns, serious problems could arise at the time of the transfer. New surprise: in response to one of our questions on governance, Mr. Fontaine informed us that the issue is still under consideration and that the political decision has not yet been made.

If you find this news frustrating, know that we are equally frustrated but that we continue at every opportunity to call for greater transparency and to demand that we be involved in the process before decisions are made.

To be continued. . .

Publish Date: 23-MAY-2013 08:30 AM