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SUBJECT: Clarification - Information Sessions on the Federal Pension Plan

During the Information Sessions on the Federal Pension Plan offered in May 2013, a correction had to be done concerning the information on the availability of insurance for employees who would accept an offer from the Province. The correction of this information during the sessions has created some confusion.

To clarify any misunderstanding, please find hereafter the official interpretation obtained from the experts of the Pension Division of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Insurances - Employees who Transfer to the Province of Quebec

The Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)

Employees, who transfer to the Province of Quebec and decide to keep their pension entitlement in the public service pension plan instead of transferring it to the Quebec provincial government, will be eligible to opt for PSHCP coverage and contribute at the applicable pensioner rate once they are in receipt of an ongoing public service benefit. Employees who opt to have their pension transferred to the Province under a Pension Transfer Agreement (PTA) will not be entitled to the PSHCP.

The Pensioners' Dental Services Plan (PDSP)

All employees, regardless of their pension choice, who transfer to the Province, will not be eligible for the PDSP.

Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB)

Employees who will be entitled to an ongoing public service benefit and wish to continue their participation in the supplementary death benefit plan after the transfer date will be required to make an election to do so within 30 days of ceasing their public service employment. Their monthly contribution will be at the commercial rate. There will not be a further opportunity to make this election upon ceasing to be employed with the Province of Quebec.

Original signed by

Ghyslaine Desjardins

Human Resources Director

Publish Date: 06-JUN-2013 08:03 AM