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Québec Region

Contact information contained on the PIPSC Web Site is provided for the sole purpose of allowing members to contact their Institute Representatives for employment related problems or questions. This information may not be used in unsolicited bulk e-mailings.

Quebec Regional Executive (S.712.2)
      Group Department Phone E-Mail
Chair & PIPSC Director
Yvon C. Brodeur PG N/A 1-418-570-0592  Yvon C. Brodeur (Home)
Vice-Chair & Secretary
Réjean Michaud AFS-AU CRA  Réjean Michaud (Home)
Gerlando Renna AFS-AU CRA 1-514-840-8789  Gerlando Renna (Work)
W: 200 René-Lévesque Ouest , Complexe Guy Favreau , MONTRÉAL, QC, H2Z 1X4
Stéphanie Fréchette CFIA-S&A CFIA 1-450-768-1376  Stéphanie Fréchette (Other)
W: 3225 Cusson Avenue , ST-HYACINTHE, QC, J2S 0H7
Martine Lacroix NU CSC 1-514-383-1673  Martine Lacroix (Work)
W: 10345 Boul St. Laurent , MONTRÉAL, QC, H3L 2P1
Hugo Landry CS ECC 1-514-421-7241  Hugo Landry (Home)
W: 2121 route Transcanadienne , DORVAL, QC, H9P 1J3
Nancy Lavoie CS CSC  Nancy Lavoie (Work)
W: Établissement Donnacona , 1537 Route 138 , DONNACONA, QC, G0A 1T0
Robert Tellier CS SSC 1-514-796-7545  Robert Tellier (Home)
W: 6769 Notre-Dame Est , Bât 42, Bureau 207-7 , MONTRÉAL, QC, H1N 3R9
Richard Doyle NU CSC 1-450-752-5257 x3401  Richard Doyle (Other)
W: 400 Marsolais Street , Joliette Institution , JOLIETTE, QC, J6E 8V4
Benoit Pelletier AFS-AU CRA 1-418-722-3112 x237  Benoit Pelletier (Other)
W: 180 avenue de la Cathédrale , RIMOUSKI, QC, G5L 5H9
Christian Tremblay AFS-CS CRA 1-819-534-5374  Christian Tremblay (Home)
W: 4695 12 Ave , SHAWINIGAN-SUD, QC, G9N 7S6

Entitled to 11 members on the Executive