2018 National Election - Nomination Form



(See Instructions provided. *Mandatory)



(Print clearly. Your name will be printed on the Web site and on the ballot as it appears here).

Regular Member ____
Retired Member ____

Street No. & Name, Unit/Suite
City, Province/Territory & Postal Code

Street No. & Name, Unit/Suite/Apt
City, Province/Territory & Postal Code

*TELEPHONE (please circle preferred number)




I, the undersigned, accept the nomination as a candidate for the position of .

I hereby certify that the information contained in my biographical sketch is true and correct and acknowledge that, if proven otherwise, it could result in the disqualification of my candidacy.

I also hereby certify that I have read, understand and attest to abide by PIPSC By-Laws, Regulations, Policies and by the Election Campaign Administrative Procedures.

I have been provided electronic links to the ‘Terms and Conditions of Employment’ for the Executive Officer positions.



Nomination Instructions:

  1. Note the electronic references in this nomination form for access to forms, administrative procedures, regulations and email addresses. Click where applicable to open the reference.
  2. Complete and sign this nomination form. Originals or email attachments (scanned to .pdf format) are accepted.
  3. Include member signature form(s) with the appropriate number of signatures. Originals or email attachments (scanned to .pdf format) are accepted.
  4. Include an optional biographical sketch. Click on Election Campaign Administrative Procedures for instructions.
  5. Include a high-resolution head and shoulders photo of yourself (.jpg or .tiff format).
  6. Send all nomination documents as attachments by email to national_election@pipsc.ca before the deadline. (Note the underscore ‘_’ between national and election).
  7. Nomination documents may also be mailed/couriered to the attention of the COO & Executive Secretary, National Office before the deadline. Clearly identify "Nomination Form - National Elections" on the envelope.
  8. All nomination documentation must be received at the Professional Institute National Office not later than July 27, 2018 @ 5:00 PM Ottawa Time.
  9. Failure to comply with sending in nomination documents by the deadline will result in the nomination being refused (Refer to 3. NOMINATION DOCUMENTS in the NOTICE OF ELECTIONS).
  10. Confirmation of receipt of nomination documents will be sent to the email address indicated on your nomination form. If you do not receive confirmation, then please contact Jo-Ann Foster.
  11. Keep original documents in case these are requested by the Elections Committee.
  12. The Elections Committee will meet to ensure that the documents submitted are completed in accordance with the instructions.


R22.1.2 Nominations - Nominations must be in writing, signed by at least one hundred (100) members for candidates for the office of President, fifty (50) for the office of Vice-President, and twenty-five (25) for the position of Regional Director, and contain the consent of the nominees attested to by their signature. Such nominations must be received at the National Office not later than 5.00 p.m. on the day fixed for the close of nominations. Both original nomination and signature forms and those forms scanned and submitted by electronic mail attachments shall be accepted as official nominations. The date fixed for the close of nominations shall be not less than ten (10) weeks before the date fixed for the election.

R22.1.3 Biographical Sketches - Each candidate for office may submit one (1) written biographical sketch, in either official language or one (1) video biographical sketch in either official language or one (1) bilingual video biographical sketch. A written biographical sketch submitted in English will be of no more than four hundred (400) words whereas a written biographical sketch submitted in French would be of no more than four hundred and fifty (450) words (as determined by the software in use by the Institute at the time). A video biographical sketch will be no more than two (2) minutes in duration. Biographical sketches are to be received at the National Office not later than the date and time fixed for the receipt of nominations. The position sought, name and membership status of the candidate shall precede the written biographical sketch but shall not be included in the word count. Each video biographical sketch shall begin with the name, position sought and membership status of the candidate. All biographical sketches shall adhere to the administrative procedures provided by the Elections Committee.


It is the Candidate’s responsibility to review his/her biographical sketch before it is submitted. Once submitted, biographical sketches will not be changed, unless the change was requested by the Elections Committee.

Biographical Sketches must not contain any statements that are false, misleading, or unsubstantiated about a candidate’s activities with PIPSC. Biographical Sketches must not contain any statements that are false, misleading, or unsubstantiated in their representation of a candidate, PIPSC or any of its constituent bodies, stewards, employees, executive members or other representatives. If an investigation, resulting from an official complaint process, reveals a statement to be false or misleading, then that new information will be published to the membership on the PIPSC website.

A web-link will be provided to each biographical sketch. Please be advised that only one website address is allowed and will be counted as one (1) word in the biographical sketch, and that a hot link will be provided to the respective site if that is requested and the necessary information is sent in with the nomination papers. Web sites will not be reviewed by the Elections Committee, but the Elections Committee will investigate any complaints received regarding these sites. Candidates and their respective websites are expected to conform to the By-Laws, Regulations and all election policies and administrative procedures.