Policy on Family Care

Policy on Family Care

Purpose and Scope

The objective of this policy is to remove one of the barriers which may prevent members from participating in union activities.

The policy is intended to assist the member in covering additional fees incurred as a direct result of attending an authorized PIPSC activity.


Where the member is the sole caregiver at the time of the authorized union activity, the Institute will cover costs for care during the day outside normal work/school/daycare hours. Family care costs that would have ordinarily been incurred during work hours had the member been at his/her place of work are not covered.

This policy shall not cover costs for care provided by a spouse/partner, former spouse/partner with custody rights or a relative residing in the household.

Members are entitled to claim fees related to the care of the following family members who reside on a full or part-time basis with the member:

• a child under 18 years of age;

• a person with a disability;

• an adult, who is a dependant, requiring care.

Claim and Receipts

An Expense Claim form must be submitted, accompanied by a receipt, which must include the following information:

• Caregiver’s full name

• Caregiver’s full address

• Caregiver’s telephone number

• Caregiver’s license number (if applicable)

• Detailed dates and hours when the care was provided for each individual family member

• Amount charged

• Caregiver’s signature

Reimbursement of Fees

Where the care is provided by an eligible caregiver other than a licensed agency/attendant, the member shall be reimbursed the lesser of $15 per hour or the actual amount paid, up to the following limits: :

a. $80 for each 24 hour period for the first family member;

b. $55 for each 24 hour period for each additional family member.

For the purposes of this policy, a "24 hour period" starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 7:29 a.m. the following day.

If the care is provided by a licensed agency/attendant, the actual fees will be reimbursed.


PIPSC Balancing Union Activity and Family Life Policy