You’re unionized: here are 3 immediate benefits


I have great news! You finally have a union.

The Federal Labour Board has granted our application to represent nearly 1,400 RCMP Civilian Members (CMs). That means you are now a PIPSC member and benefit from our services and the collective power of 55,000 public service professionals.

Being a PIPSC member empowers you to join the process of collective bargaining. It gives you a seat at the table. It allows you to directly advocate for yourself and your coworkers.

PIPSC provides you with guidance, organizational resources and legal council both during the bargaining as well as after the contract is finalized. You get to have a voice, select your own representatives, make decisions collectively and have a vote on the outcome of a negotiation.

No individual can have much success in changing the practices of a big employer — but as a union we can, because we’re better together. On behalf of the Professional Institute, I welcome you to your union.

In order to benefit from the full suite of PIPSC services, please take a moment to fill this membership form right now.

I know you have a lot of questions about the challenges and opportunities ahead. For now, here are three immediate benefits I want to highlight:

  1. We’ve already worked to ensure that your terms and conditions of employment are protected until such time we negotiate transition into our existing collective agreements. Without a union, the employer could have simply changed your working conditions without your input. As a PIPSC member now, you can join in the process of negotiating these agreements and will have your say on the outcome of the negotiations.
  2. Should you ever face a conflict with your manager or employer, you will have the backing of PIPSC, a strong and professional union with decades of experience in labour relations, to help you navigate the process of a grievance and protect your rights.
  3. You can step up to be a steward and get the necessary training to help and represent your colleagues in the workplace. You can join a union-management consultation group to help shape your employer’s policies and decisions. And you can join the bargaining team to ensure you and your colleagues can defend and improve your working conditions.

I want to remind you again that your pay will stay with the current RCMP system and will not be transferred to Phoenix. Take a minute to review other quick facts on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

I can’t wait for us to get to know each other better and start working together. Welcome to PIPSC!

Better together.

Debi Daviau

13 September 2019
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11 September 2019
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10 July 2019
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2 July 2019
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