On January 29, 2018, PIPSC President Debi Daviau met with Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier for the first time at the Canada Revenue Agency headquarters in Ottawa.  

A number of  issues of particular significance to our CRA members were discussed, including the distribution of the audit workload at Agency offices across Canada; the need for more resources to tackle international tax evasion; and the delay in the Employer signing the recent collective agreement.

Minister Lebouthillier was particularly receptive to President Daviau’s call for more to be done to publicly acknowledge our CRA members’ hard work and the critical role they play in ensuring the flow of revenue that federal government programs depend on. The Minister committed herself to working with the Institute to develop a more positive image for PIPSC auditors and for the Agency as a whole.

Overall, the meeting laid the groundwork for positive future relations between the Institute and the Minister’s office.