Minutes/Record of Decisions from 2018 AV  AGM

AGM began with the Canadian National Anthem and moment of silence, and the reading of the Harassment Statement.

Opening remarks: AV Group President Ray Paquette
Welcomed and acknowledged Stewards and Retired Members
Introduction of AV National Executive and the Interm Bargaining Team

Approval of 2018 AGM Agenda as Amended
Motion to approve:  Carried

Approval of 2017 AGM minutes as Amended
Motion to approve: Carried

AV President's report: Ray Paquette
Communication to all members across Canada important especially during and after Negotiations
Focus on Outreach Program, Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, and Sick Leave/EWSP
The Interim Bargaining team has sent out a survey to member.

Recognition of members who have worked tirelessly for the AV group, and thank you to  the National Executive

Questions and Answers
Ray Paquette presentation on EWSP AND Domestic violence.

The presentation that will be given to members at lunch and learns this summer on the MOU on Employment Wellness Support Program (EWSP) from Illnes to Wellness was present at the AGM.  

Moto – Illness to Wellness

Question and Answers.

Guest Speaker – Terry Sing – Retired Members Guild – National President
Spoke on the  upcoming 100th Anniversary of PIPSC.  Encouraging members to get involved.

Questions and Answers

Finance report: Raymond Poon
2017 Actual Budget presented
Budget moved and carried
No questions

2018 Budget presented –
Discussion on budget
Budget moved and carried

Bargaining Report: Cara Ryan  

The Interim Bargaining Team will change after the election and the new AV Executives comment in June 2018

We could have given  Notice to Bargain March 21,  2018 or TB can give Notice we are looking at doing a Targeted Round of Bargaining, but it can revert to a Regular Round at any time

Andrew Wigmore and Robert Hunter gave an over view of the survey sent to the CO members of the AV Group.
Question and answer session
Bylaws update: Peter Gabriel  

Board of Directors approved Aug 12/

Bylaw amendment from the floor: N/A

Sub group report:   Peter Gabriel
5 new Subgroups formed this year in the Atlantic Region – St. John`s, Moncton and Fredericton North Vancouver and Toronto,  We will be looking at new groups in Montreal North Shore, Kingston

Question and answer session

Closing remarks by Ray Paquette
Motion to adjourn: Carried