Executive Meeting

January 27, 2018


In attendance / Position

Ray Paquette / President

Lynn Morris / Secretary

Peter Gabriel / Vice-President  

Raymond Poon / Treasurer

Margaret Bigras / NCR

Jacques Laperrier / Quebec

David Chu / Atlantic

Jean Laberge / BC/Yukon

Tommy Georgas  / Toronto

Jennifer Mollins / Member-at-Large


Andrew Wigmore / Member-at-Large

Cara Ryan / Negotiator

Darlene McKay / Prairies/NWT

1.  Opening remarks The President called the meeting to order and welcomed all.

2.  Approval of Agenda as amended

Moved – Marg   2nd  Jacque - carried

3.  Approval of Minutes as amended

Moved-  David , 2nd Tommy carried

4.  Follow up of Action Items from previous minutes

President’s Report  

Ray Paquette

Busy times:

PIPSC s Negotiations, EWSP Committee and Domestic Violence Committee

Special AGM – March 1st, due to internal PIPSC problem on Board of Directors


Raymond Poon (Lynn, Jennifer)

Good financial situation

2016 Financial records will be given to PIPSC for 6 years of storage

ACTION ITEM:  Raymond asked Regional Reps to send him a budget of what they would like to spend and on what activities

Motion by Raymond to accept 2018 Financial Statement – 2nd Tommy

Accept to amend 2018 Budget – Raymond, 2nd David

Finance report moved Raymond, 2nd Marg - approved


Peter Gabriel (Jacques, Andrew)

Not all Subgroups are as active as others

Patrick Whalen - new Steward from South Shore Montreal - wants a new Subgroup split with downtown Montreal Subgroup (89) + rest to new one

Motion.  Approval to move forward to create a Montreal South Shore Subgroup by splitting the Montreal subgroup  - Peter/Jennifer – Approved
ACTION ITEM:  Peter send form to Linda Martel

Peter asked Tommy to look into the revitalization of Southern Ont Subgroup and do an AGM
Tommy  spoke with Tim -  Tim proposed 2 locations and solidify dates

Motion:  write Announcement/poster with a proposed AGM date - ask for preregistration and see what happens. - Natalie will send notice to all AV members in Southern Ont

Sudbury – President Natalie B - Ray to go up with Tommy and do a L&L on EWSP and Domestic Violence and possibly their AGM
Motion - approval to cover expenses for Ray and Tommy for $1,200 to go to Sudbury - Ray/Peter – Approved

Nazim Awan wants Ray to go to Whitehorse to do L&L and possibly get new Subgroup
Motion – Approval for $3K fo1 1 person to travel 7 salary replacement

Ray/Peter approved

Possibility of holding a separate Sub-groups Presidents weekend and not attach it to the AGM - more context - speakers come in, etc.  - something the new Executive will have to look at - can put a motion for next year (2019) to put a new item in Budget - Sub-Groups Presidents Meeting

Regional Reports

Ray Paquette (Lynn, Raymond)

David -  2 Movies in Halifax  - 1 basketball game
Will put movies on in other 3 provinces
Possibility of Youth event

Tommy - first AGM - 1 more steward (Emily Beckerman)
Regeneration of Southern Ontario

Jean - Movie - Vancouver Br - joint effort
GLP event on Harassment

No desire to create Victoria - Angelia Cowie - at this time - get her to do a coffee morning
VAN Sub AGM in Jan

Jennnifer - AGM early Feb

Marg - Movie night - EWSP - phoenix talks

Jacques - New subgroup potential
Quebec City - will work on L&L in May

Communications & AV Web Site

David (Jacques, Jennifer)

Very good Newsletter by David & Jacques
Lots of Subgroup gave him great info, ie. Phoenix, etc but nothing substantial
Next Newsletter after AV AGM


Peter Gabriel (Jacques,  Andrew, Marg)

Teleconference with Committee to discuss what can be done in Bargaining

Youth Committee

Andrew Wigmore (Matthew, Jennifer)

Deferred to next meeting


Peter Gabriel (Jean, David)

No report


Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

All Delegates got sweatshirt
Ray received Lifetime Membership

AV Group AGM – 2018

Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

2018 AV AGM in Quebec City

Wednesday - May 2
Train to Quebec City for Executives

Thursday - May 3
Breakfast provided
AM - Executive Meeting
Noon - L&L with Lyne Larocque
PM - Executive Meeting
4:00 - 6:00 Social for QC members in Irish Pub
Executive Dinner

Friday - May 4
Breakfast and Lunch provided
Sub-Group Presidents meeting
Evening - Dinner on own
Hospitality at Hotel Bar with Delegates
Time - TBD

Saturday - May 5
Breakfast and Lunch for all Delegates
AGM all day

Sunday - May 6
All go Home - no business class on Morning Train only on late train

TANS already in System and Executives will get them so book when you get it

Discussion on Theme - Visibility Items - Friday night Hospitality - in Hotel room or bar?

***Call Letter for Delegates - Peter will send to Natalie****
We will have 9 seats available


Peter Gabriel (Jacques, Andrew, Marg)

Deferred to next meeting

AV Group Bargaining

Ray Paquette

CO  Survey - Ray been in touch with Ryan Campbell - compiling to come up with analysis - all Executives have copy but to keep in Confidence
Bargaining  Team in place - date and place for training


Ray Paquette

Nothing this meeting

New Business


David - Public Services Employee Survey (PSES) - members want another survey in more in-depth on harassment  - these are done by Departments - AV Exec cannot do anything about or more surveys
Avenue is Consultation Table - David is rep.

Raymond - Shirts for Bargaining Team?  Need some decorum to look professional
Will discuss with new Executive

Election Committee - this year we will use PIPSC National Election Committee
(Jean sits on the committee so will recuse himself)
Motion. To contact PIPSC to allow us to use them Ray/Peter

PIPSC’s National Elections -  announcement of winners at PIPSC AGM

AV Elections - done by May 23th - start early March for call letter

Round Table


Meeting Dates

Ray Paquette/Lynn Morris

Teleconference - March - TBD - Ray will send email if needed
May 3rd Quebec City

Rest TBD by new Executive  

Closing Remarks

Ray Paquette

 Adjourned – Marg, 2nd Raymond