Executive Meeting

May 3, 2018


In attendance / Position

Ray Paquette / President

/ Secretary

Peter Gabriel / Vice-President  

Raymond Poon / Treasurer

Margaret Bigras / NCR

Jacques Laperriere / Quebec

David Chu / Atlantic

Tommy Georgas    / Toronto

Jennifer Mollins / Member-at-Large

Andrew Wigmore / Member-at-Large

Cara Ryan / Negotiator


Jean Laberge / BC/Yukon

  1. Opening remarks The President called the meeting to order and welcomed all, thanking the executive and bargain team for 3 years of working hard for our members  Suggesting that the new executive engage the Youth initiative more

2.  Approval of Agenda as amended

Moved – Jacques    2nd  Tommy- carried

3.  Approval of Minutes as amended

Moved-  Peter , 2nd Jennifer carried

4.  Follow up of Action Items

Action items / Responsiblity

Request – membership list from Linda Martel

New Executive

Request status Report on sub-groups where everone belongs

New Executive

President’s Report

Ray Paquette

No new business

 No follow-up


Raymond Poon(Lynn, Jennifer)

Good financial situation

Motion by Raymond to accept 2018 Financial Statement – 2nd Peter

Finance report moved Raymond, 2nd Marg - approved


Peter Gabriel (Jacques, Andrew)

Not all Subgroups are as active as others

Patrick Whalen - new Steward from South Shore Montreal - wants a new Subgroup potentially split with downtown Montreal Subgroup (89) + rest to new one

Regional Reports

Ray Paquette (Lynn, Raymond)

All Regional reports have been sent in for the Virtual Binder.  No new information to be reported

Communications & AV Web Site

David (Jacques, Jennifer)

Recommended that we use our smart phone for pictures  A New Committee with be formed after the elections


 Peter Gabriel (Jacques,  Andrew, Marg)

Youth Committee

Andrew Wigmore (Matthew, Jennifer)

Nothing done National

NCR HAS 6 up coming events


No By-laws No late resolutions for the AGM

Peter Gabriel (Jean, David)


No action at this time

Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

AV Group AGM – 2018

Natalie Belanger her to register our delegates.

64 applications

39 spots

13 national executives

26 available spot for the regions

Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

2018 AV AGM in Quebec City

Visibility items arrived


Association identified

Peter Gabriel (Jacques, Andrew, Marg)

AV Group Bargaining

Ray Paquette

Interim Bargaining Team met once already

A final team will be selected after the elections and the new executive take over.

The survey to the members has been sent out and a reminder with be sent out mid May .

New Researcher is Clair Hurtaig

Second week of June is proposed writing session

Final notice to bargaining training end of August/September  

Target vs Regular negotiations still preparing proposal as if it is regular bargaining.


Ray Paquette

Nothing this meeting

New Business


Round Table


Meeting Dates

To be discussed by new executive

 Ray Paquette/Lynn Morris

Closing Remarks

Ray Paquette

 Adjourned – Marg, 2nd Raymond