Executive Meeting
November 16, 2017
Hilton, Lac Lemay

In attendance / Position
Ray Paquette President
Lynn Morris    Secretary
Peter Gabriel Vice-President   
Raymond Poon Treasurer
Margaret Bigras    NCR
Jacques Laperrier Quebec
David Chu Atlantic
Jean Laberge BC/Yukon
Tommy Georgas Toronto
Cara Ryan Negotiator

Andrew Wigmore Member-at-Large
Jennifer Mollins Member-at-Large
Darlene McKay Prairies/NWT

1.  Opening remarks The President called the meeting to order and welcomed all.

2.  Approval of Agenda as amended
Moved – Marg   2nd  Raymond - carried

3.  Approval of Minutes
Moved-  Peter , 2nd Jean carried

4.  Follow up of Action Items from previous minutes

President’s Report Ray Paquette

Ray & Jean went to Whitehorse
Ray - N. Vancouver Regional Council
On the EWSP Committee and Domestic Violence Committee
Day on Parliament Hill – met TB President and 4 Ministers
Finance Raymond Poon
(Lynn, Jennifer)

Very good shape

Finance report moved Raymond, 2nd  Andrew  approved
Sub-Group    Peter Gabriel
( Jacques, Andrew)

3 new in Atlantic - Frederick, Moncton, St. Johns
1 new in Toronto
Need to get Victoria, Calgary
Need to get Montreal President (Damien) to do events - Ray to speak to him this weekend    
Regional Reports    Ray Paquette (Lynn, Raymond)
Ray would like a report from all Regional Reps on their activities by mid-January    

Communications & AV Web Site
(David, Darlene, Jacques)

Newsletter -email sent to all looking for info by first week of Dec
Suggestion to list names of 2017 winners but not post their articles - will use if we need fillers.

Guidelines and Bylaws for Social Media sites
AV National Executives - to be an official spokesperson for PIPSC
Have multiple administrators of site from AV Ex
Be responsible for content
We need to send Email to PIPSC to ask for permission for an official site
In camera at 10:10 - out of Camera at 11:00

Motion:  Set up on Official Facebook Site - Peter - David
Discussions ensued
Against - Raymond, Jean, Ray
Amendment -David - that the Site be differ  discussion to new Executive in place next year - 3 for, 3 against, 2 abstain, Chair for

ACTION ITEM:  Peter to contact PIPSC re an official website
Youth Committee Andrew Wigmore (Matthew, Jennifer)

Deferred to next meeting
By-Laws Peter Gabriel (Jean, David)

No report
Gordon filed a complaint on our Bylaws to remove Retired Members
Challenge is with PIPSC (Steve Hindle) - up with Legal now but Steve thinks it will be defeated    

PIPSC AGM 2017 Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

17 delegates
1 late withdrawal – will be replaced by a member from Ottawa
Sweatshirts for all Delegates
AV Group AGM – 2018 Peter Gabriel (Lynn, Marg, Raymond, David)

Thursday - L&L Quebec City or Air force base
May 10, 11 & 12?  Date TBD

Asked Natalie for quotes for Toronto and Quebec city
Need AV Executive approval –

Quebec City was a lot cheaper than Toronto
Ray and Raymond need to write a business case and send to the EC for approval
(Part of our Outreach program)
Our AA and Negotiation to come
Hotel in Sainte- Foy - across bridge from Quebec City
To save money - 1st meeting in 2018 will be a conference call?

Motion to give Ray authority to go to PIPSC with Raymond on a business  case
Peter - Marg    

Professionalism  Peter Gabriel (Jacques, Andrew, Marg)

Deferred to next meeting    
AV Group Bargaining    Ray Paquette
Cara Ryan AV new Negotiator   

Mobilization Ray Paquette

Nothing this meeting    

New Business All

Movie night across country:

Jean- movie night proposal, thinking of linking it into the survey wanting to increase participation

David to follow-up with Fredericton
Round Table All
Meeting Dates  Ray Paquette/Lynn Morris

January 27, 2018
Rest TBD    

Closing Remarks Ray Paquette

Adjourned – Marg, 2nd Raymond