Audit, Commerce and Purchasing Group (AV), Representing AU-CO-PG members is seeking an Executive Appointment for:

National Capital Region (NCR) Representative

Term starts June 21, 2018 and ends May 31, 2021

As per AV Group By-Laws 6.2.2 Regional Representative One (1) Regional Representative from each Region of the Institute shall be elected by the members of the respective Regions.

6.2.3 Appointment: Should a vacancy occur on the Group Executive, for whatever reason, and should an election to fill the vacancy not be practicable, the Executive may appoint a member to fill the vacancy, until such time as an election is held.

6.2.3ii) If the position of Regional Representative becomes vacant, the Executive shall make every effort to appoint a member from the designated region. If best efforts to appoint a member from the region are unsuccessful, the Executive may appoint a member to fill that vacancy who shall serve as member-at-large.


7.4.1 Candidate Eligibility Only Regular members shall be eligible for election to the Group Executive. To be a candidate for the office of Regional Representative, a Regular member must be employed in the particular region – National Capital Region (NCR)


6.7.5 Regional Representative - To act as liaison between the Group Executive and their Regional members, represent the interests of the members, assist in organizing and maintaining Sub-Group representation, and perform such duties as may be assigned by the Executive. (It should be noted that some travel is involved to attend Group Executive meetings and other Group executive events as they arise. All travel and salary costs are administered as per PIPSC Travel & Compensation Policy and paid for by PIPSC. Group executives meetings are on a quarterly basis.) 

How to submit your application:

Your application, via email, must be supported by at least two (2) Regular Members. Simply add their names to your email along with their email address, and state that you wish to be considered for National Capital Region Representative. Candidates must also submit a résumé (not longer than 300 words in Word doc format) to demonstrate their experience with PIPSC and why they wish to be considered. All applications must be submitted to Natalie Bélanger at PIPSC National office.


The deadline for submission via email to is 2:00 p.m. Eastern time,

Tuesday June 19, 2018. No late registrations will be accepted.

Note: The successful candidate will be notified on June 20th.  Also, please note the Group Executive Training, and the Group Executive Meeting June 21-23 is mandatory.