20 November 2018
Many members replied with their Professional Association information, where they pay annual membership fees or professional dues to maintain their professional status. And the information regarding whether your employer reimburses you or not, was great insight for our Bargaining Team.
8 November 2018
Recently, a “non-bargaining committee member” sent out an unsolicited e-mail to our CO members, our AV Group Executive, our AV Group Bargaining Team and PIPSC Staff.
6 November 2018
The AV Group Bargaining Committee is requesting information from our members (AU-CO-PG), who currently pay membership or registration fees to an organization or governing body when the payment of such fees is a requirement for the continuation of the performance of the duties of the employee’s position, to respond to this survey.
6 November 2018
The first face-to-face bargaining session took place September 25-27, 2018. The next bargaining session is scheduled for December 11-13, 2018. Please find the proposals that were exchanged attached.
25 October 2018
The Bargaining Team has started its membership engagement in Canada, with bargaining information sessions and presentations held in Nanaimo BC, Victoria BC, Vancouver BC and Halifax NS, which were all advertised on our Group website, and invites were sent via email to our members.
27 September 2018
Collective Bargaining Negotiations has started September 25th to 27th with Treasury Board Secretariat. Exchange of non-monetary proposals has been completed, and will be also translated and posted on the Group website. More information to follow in the weeks ahead.
12 September 2018
The detailed steps listed below must be followed when requesting/submitting leave with pay for union business as per the following clauses of the various PIPSC collective agreements:
1 August 2018
Letter to AV Sub Group Executives