August 17, 2017

Fellow CS members,

As published on the PIPSC Website, the Institute and the Employer signed the CS Collective Agreement (CA) on July 4, 2017. You may access the new CA by clicking the following link:

Employees will receive their retroactive pay with their regular pays. In most cases, you will receive more than one payment for the retroactive pay to which you are entitled. The deadline for completing all retroactive payments is November 1, 2017, representing 120 days from the signing date. To learn more about Collective Agreement Implementation, please visit the following link:

The processing of retroactive pay requires manual intervention in the Phoenix system. While the Employer believes most members will receive the correct amount, it remains possible that some may not. All complaints and requests for investigation should wait until after November 1, 2017.

Proudly CS,

Robert Tellier
CS Group Bargaining Officer