CS Montérégie Sub-Group - Executive Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2017

Date: December 11, 2017

Location: Zibo restaurant (9370 Leduc Boulevard, #5, Brossard, QC • J4Y 0B3)

In attendance:

  • Christian Gaboury, President
  • Pierre Potvin, Vice-President
  • Erick D’ Amours, Secretary-Treasurer
  • François Jodoin, Member-at-Large
  • Jeff Héroux, Member-at-Large


  • Fred Émond, Member-at-Large
  • Giovanni Giolti, Member-at-Large

1) Call to Order

C. Gaboury: The President welcomed the members of the Executive at 6:40 p.m.

2) Approval of the Agenda

C. Gaboury: The President put forward an agenda. It was approved as presented.

3) Project to upgrade PIPSC’s email system

C. Gaboury: The President shared the information he received as member of the ITSB committee regarding PIPSC’s email system upgrade. Some major progress has been made and discussions are underway to activate the HTML format, although that will likely happen after the migration.

4) Budget

E. D’Amour: The Treasurer indicated that there had been no new spending and that we have a surplus of $1500.

The Executive members present suggested that we have various activities to bring our members together, such as a board game pub night, a movie event, bowling or a barbecue. Catherine Gagnon is working on a catalogue of ideas from which we can choose.

5) Advanced Steward Training

P. Potvin: The Vice-President said that Advanced Steward Training is planned February 2018 and that the registration deadline is January 10, 2018. There are two areas of specialization: 1) consultation and grievances, and 2) lobbying elected officials. He encouraged the new Stewards (F. Jodoin and J. Héroux) to sign up.

6) Phoenix Grievances

J. Héroux: Jeff asked about the status of the Phoenix grievances.

Despite the Phoenix grievance kit, the process for writing grievances remains long and tedious. It is recommended that grievances be submitted for significant cases only.

7) Round Table

  • P. Potvin: N/A
  • E. D’ Amours: N/A
  • J. Héroux: N/A
  • C. Gaboury: N/A
  • F. Jodoin: N/A

8) Next Meeting

A date will be determined in early 2018.

9) Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.