21 August 2019
Bargaining Update for PIPSC NR Members Your NR Bargaining Team hosted national telephone Town-Halls on July 10, to discuss our tentative Agreement with Treasury Board. Following the Town-Hall, eligible Members were sent a voting key, on ratifying the ten
2 August 2019
We are pleased to announce that the NR group has ratified the collective agreement. Just as we have completed our ratification process, the Treasury Board is concurrently engaging in its ratification process. This involves approval from Cabinet.
5 July 2019
To all NR members, Your NR Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that on May 29, 2019 we signed a tentative agreement to complete this round of collective bargaining. The Bargaining Team would like to thank all members for their support.
21 June 2019
Dear NR members, As you know, your NR Bargaining Team reached a tentative deal on May 29th for a new collective agreement. Members will have the opportunity to ask questions and express their opinions at the “Town Hall Meetings” that will take place on Wednesday July 10th.
12 June 2019
Your NR Bargaining Team has achieved the following improvements to our contract, beyond the Central Table improvements
5 June 2019
PIPSC NR Group Bargaining Bulletin #8 Bargaining Update for PIPSC NR Members The Bargaining session scheduled for April 9 to 11, was cancelled due to illness on the TB Team. We now have a new NR Team Bargaining Co-ordinator: Hugo Buttau, P.
7 May 2019
Whereas the NR group By-Laws origins were in the 2000 AP group By-Laws; Whereas the group executive composition and travel have to respect current PIPSC By-Laws, Regulations and Policies;
25 April 2019
The voting is now complete for this election and the results are: For the NCR Region, there are three (3) two year term and one (1) one year term position. Yves Cousineau Tim Kirkby