5 March 2019
Following the close of nominations on February 20, 2019 the following members expressed their willingness to serve as representatives on the SH Group Executive. The term of office for the members elected to the SH Group Executive shall be three years.
4 March 2019
The 20th Annual General Meeting of the Health Services Group (SH) will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg.
1 March 2019
Members of the Bargaining Team for the SH Group met with the Treasury Board February 19 to 21/2019. Agreement was reached on language for several previously tabled non-monetary proposals and both sides withdrew some proposals as negotiations progressed.
11 February 2019
On February 6, 2019, PIPSC President Debi Daviau and Steward Éric Massey, Nurse at the Archambault Institution in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights to discuss the issues faced by our members at correctional institutions across Canada, in particular those of our health care services members (SH Group).
25 January 2019
Members of the Bargaining Team for the SH Group, as well as occupational representatives from other SH professions, met January 18 and 19/2019 to finalize profession specific pay proposals.
17 January 2019
The SH Group Executive represents the interests of all Federal Government Health Service Professionals. This year, in accordance with the SH by-laws, four positions on the SH group executive shall be elected:
3 December 2018
Members of the Bargaining Team for the SH Group met with the Employer November 20 through November 22/2018.  
16 November 2018
The following links are the bargaining proposals that were exchanged between the SH Group and Treasury Board