Bargaining for Family Leave on International Women's Day

This year to mark International Women’s Day, we’re asking members like you to share your family leave story.

How did family leave help or hinder you?

Did it even exist when you needed it?

Sharing your experience helps your bargaining team and shows the employer just how much you value and depend on family leave.


In 2001, President Debi Daviau had to fight hard for her right to parental leave.

Her third baby, Jesse, was on the way when her employer refused to implement new legislation that extended parental leave top-up pay from six to twelve months as provided for in the collective agreement.

Despite continued efforts, the compensation advisor was refusing to implement the change. Finally, President Daviau convinced her colleagues in the Employment Insurance Branch of then HRDC to write a briefing note that her ADM used to ensure 12 months of top-up parental leave pay for herself and every other expecting parent in the department!

This fight kick-started President Daviau’s involvement in our union.

No one should have to fight to take care of their family.

We all expect the federal government to be a model employer and ensure employees are able to give their best in the workplace and to their families

It’s time for your employer to do better. You deserve improved family leave. Tell us about your experience.

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