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27 September 2019
Canadians want federal science funding restored to 2011 levels. According to 2016 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development figures (the most recent available), Canada ranks 21 out of 27 OECD countries in the amount it reports spending on science.
19 October 2018
Members have until 12:00 PM ET on November 2nd to submit online or mail in ballots.
19 October 2018
2nd Call for Volunteers for 2019 Standing Committees of the Board of Directors The Board of Directors is launching a 2nd Call for Volunteers to fill vacant positions on some of its standing committees for 2019.
18 October 2018
Fighting for the retirement security of its members, and for all Canadians, is a top priority for the Institute. I would like to update you on where we stand on this critical issue at this time.
17 October 2018
The Institute is pleased to announce the Bargaining Team, appointed by President Debi Daviau, who will be responsible for negotiating the transition of the RCMP Civilian Members into the six Core Public Administration collective agreements with Treasury Board.
15 October 2018
As a part of our response to The Government of Canada’s move to open workplace design, we conducted a random survey of members to learn more about their experiences.
12 October 2018
As bargaining season is upon us we are Better Together. Building on our success with Work Force Adjustment and our excellent progress with the Employee Wellness Support Program, representatives from the eighteen (18) groups* under the Treasury Board have joined forces to negotiate common issues at a central bargaining table.
11 October 2018
PIPSC and it’s 4,000 members across the B.C./Yukon region endorse the call last week by B.C.’s Professional Employees Association (PEA) to restore s