Open Workplaces

The Government of Canada has begun to move to open office workplace design in some offices across the country. We have members already working in this type of office, and some others whose offices will soon be converted.

Referred to as “GC Workplace,” significant concerns about productivity, noise, ergonomics and sickness must be addressed to ensure the success of these workplace changes.

We are working with your employer to ensure that existing open workplaces are improved and that the design process is improved so that your workplace is a healthy and productive environment. We are using collective bargaining, consultation, and government relations to ensure these concerns are effectively resolved.

As a member or steward you can help too:

  1. Ask for information and for regular updates on open offices within your department.
  2. Host meetings with other members to understand their concerns.
  3. Be an advocate to the employer to ensure GC Workplace is adapted and implemented in a way that meets member needs.
  4. Report back to PIPSC on what your department is doing and problems you are experiencing by emailing

Our digital toolkit is available now to support your discussions with management and other members. If you have any questions or concerns, or to order your toolkit, please contact