Employee Wellness Support Program

What it Is

In December 2016, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and the Treasury Board reached a deal on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to support employee wellness.

In the MOA, the parties agreed to negotiate the creation of an Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP) to improve employee wellness and ensure the safe and successful reintegration of employees into the workplace after prolonged absences due to illnesses or injury.

The final EWSP language and program design will be provided to individual PIPSC bargaining tables for ratification and inclusion in their collective agreements.

Key Features

The new program will include a number of key features:

  • Full 26 weeks of 100% income replacement;
  • A three-day paid qualification period for short-term disability benefits;
  • Nine fully-paid sick days;
  • Three-day carryover of unused sick leave days;
  • Qualifying chronic or episodic illnesses will be exempt from the waiting period;
  • The accumulation of current sick leave credits will cease on the implementation date of the EWSP;
  • Existing sick leave banks in excess of 26 weeks can be used prior to going on LTD;
  • Travel time for diagnosis and treatment;
  • An employee on the EWSP will be considered to be on leave with pay;
  • Full costs of administering the EWSP will be borne by the employer; and
  • Family-related leave will increase by one day.

Program Development: Structure and Organization

The Treasury Board and PIPSC have established a joint Steering Committee whose mandate is to ensure the success of the Technical Committee. It is comprised of an equal number of employer and union (PIPSC, IBEW, ACFO, CAPE) representatives, and co-chaired by PIPSC President Debi Daviau.

The mandate of the Technical Committee is to develop all agreements and documents needed to support the implementation of an Employee Wellness Support Program during the next round of Collective Bargaining. It is comprised of an equal number of employer and union (PIPSC, IBEW, ACFO, CAPE) representatives, and co-chaired by a senior PIPSC staff member. The work of the Committee is currently scheduled to be completed by September 2018.

Internally, PIPSC has set up an Advisory Team (3 Institute staff, 6 members from the Core Public Administration Groups and 3 from the Agencies, including one for the AFS. Three Group representatives sit on the Technical Committee on behalf of the Advisory Team). It directs and approves the work of Institute members who sit on the Technical Committee. It will provide the tentative EWSP language and program design to representatives of the PIPSC Strategic Bargaining Committee, who will in turn forward the text to the Group bargaining teams for ratification and inclusion in their respective collective agreements.

Important Documents

Learn more

In this 15-minute video, representatives from the EWSP Advisory Team will walk you through the background of the program, how the ongoing work is getting done and the progress that has already been made. Scenarios will also be shown that help explain the proposed changes.


For more information about EWSP please review the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the MOA. If you have further questions, please contact the EWSP Advisory Team at EWSP-PSME@pipsc.ca.