PIPSC BC/Yukon Region Fraser Valley Branch 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Location: Sweet Dream Luxury Inn, 32288 King Road, Abbotsford, B.C.


Members present (23)

Meeting called to order at 1800 hours

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the President

Phil Johnson welcomed the membership for coming to the meeting.  He let the membership now that while he believes passionately in the Union, that he would not be seeking re-election this year.  He is currently involved in multiple levels of Consultation and Employee Wellness Committee.  This does take much of his time and he feels that he can not dedicate the time needed to the FVB. 

Approval/Changes to the Agenda.

There were no additions to the Agenda. A motion to accept the Agenda was moved by Krsna Khoyratty. It was seconded by Paul Smith. The motion passed unanimously.

Adoption 2016 Minutes

Motion to accept minutes was moved by Danielle Manson. It was seconded by Jessie Delacherois. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasures Report

The Treasurer Report was given by Paul Smith.  A report was provided to the membership with opening and closing balances and explanation of the funds spent over the year.  The treasures report was accepted as presented, and a motion to accept was moved by Ian Shaw and seconded by Jennifer Russell. The motion passed unanimously.

2016/2017 Executive

President: Phil Johnson (position up for election as he is stepping down as President)

Vice President:  Vacant

Secretary: Leander Dobni (Up for Election due to member vacating position)

Treasurer: Paul Smith (Up for Election)

Members at Large:

Danielle Manson (position up for Election)

Jessie Delacherois (position up for election)

France Lee (position up for election)

Allan Appenalles (1 year left on term)

Andrea Cameron (1 year left on term)

Jason Wong (1 year left on term)

Keith Schroots (1 year left on term)

Election of Officers

President: Jennifer Russell was the only nomination for President and was elected President for a two-year term.

Vice President: Ian Shaw was the only nomination for Vice President and was elected Vice President for a two-year term.

Secretary:  Andrea Cameron was the only nomination for Secretary and was elected Secretary for a two-year term.

Treasurer: Paul Smith was the only nomination for Treasurer and was elected Treasurer for a two-year term.

Members at Large nominations: Rob Brinks, Jessi Delacherois, Felicia Yang

Members at Large by acclamation: Rob Brinks, Jessi Delacherois, Felicia Yang

Due to no paper ballots needed, all positions were by acclimation, no motion to destroy the ballots needed.

2018/2019 Executive

President: Jennifer Russell (2-year term)

Vice President:  Ian Shaw (2-year term)

Secretary: Andrea Cameron (2-year term)

Treasurer: Paul Smith (2-year term)

Members at Large:

Rob Brinks (2-year term)

Felicia Yang (2-year term)

Jessie Delacherois (2-year term)

Keith Schroots (1 year left on term)

Jason Wong (1 year left on term)

Allan Appenalles (1 year left on term)

Jason Wong (1 year left on term)

Other Business / Round Table

Many issues were raised by the membership in this portion of the meeting.  The included:

Phoenix Pay Issues

  • Many members are still facing issues with their pay.  This is a system that is plagued by problems and no end in sight.  While this is not an reasonable response, the membership feels that PIPSC at the national level is not doing enough to remedy the problem.
  • If members are facing financial hardship, they are encouraged to seek out ESA.

Staffing Issues and Shortages at many institutions

  • There are staffing crisis across the region, specifically the NU-HOS department.
  • These staffing issues are compounded by the complex and ever-increasing work load.  OST continues to remain the fore-front of concerns form many nursing staff working on the front line.

The Introduction of Purkinjee (online electronic MAR)

  • Despite this being a exceptionally challenging and difficult program to implement and work with in an institutional setting (and failing at FVI) this program is being pushed through at this time. 
  • While it is still in the infancy of its use, staff are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns to their managers and to document any and all patient safety concerns.

Apathy of the Membership

  • The FVB has always had extreme difficulty in recruiting and maintaining membership engagement.  There continues to be poor turn out to meetings, events, and a general apathy among members.  The overall feeling is that the union is a large union with diverse representation, and that smaller groups of professionals get “lost in the shuffle”.
  • Please continue to encourage members to get involved/participate
  • Remember that the PIPSC website is a resource tool for information

Motion to adjourn meeting was moved by Ian Shaw. It was seconded by Paul Smith.

Meeting ended at 1900 hours

Submitted by Jennifer Russell for Leander Dobni  

Secretary PIPSC BC/Yukon Region Fraser Valley Branch