Meeting Date September 14, 2017 / September 15, 2017    

Time    1:00 pm to 5:00 pm / 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Peter Gilkinson, Regional Director and ORE Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator
Din Kamaldin, ORE Vice-Chair, and Labour day parade co-ordinator
John G. Purdie – Ontario Regional Council Chair & Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor
Linda Joly – Ontario Regional Council Vice-Chair, and Event Co-ordinator
Tom Yantsis – Ontario Region Treasurer
Christopher P. L'Estrange – Recording Secretary, Training Committee Recording Secretary
Judy Chow – Training Committee Member & Lead Social Media Manager
Peter S. Jozsa – Steward Council Chair, and Training Committee Chair & Social Media Manager
Dean Corda – Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor, Training Committee Member & Social Media Manager
Yvonne Snaddon – Training committee member, Branch Liaison and Newsletter Editor & Social Media Manager
Tim Azab – Labour day parade co-ordinator & Legacy Foundation Champion & Social Media Manager

Members (Absent)    None
Alternates    None
Invitees/Observers    None
Presenters    None
Secretariat    Christopher L’Estrange

Item #

Discussion Summary

Action Required

Completed Action



Call to order by the Chair





Motion to begin the meeting  

Moved by: Din Kamaldin

Seconded by: Chris L’Estrange

Motion Carried





Approval of Strategic Agenda





Motion to approve the meeting agenda.

Moved by: Din Kamaldin

Seconded by: Chris L’Estrange

Motion Carried





The of the June 2017 Minutes





Motion to approve the meeting minutes.

Moved by: Peter Gilkinson

Seconded by: John Purdie

Motion Carried





Items arising from the previous minutes




Chris went through the June 3, 2017 minutes to highlight action items as follows



  April minutes have been forwarded to Heather. The PIPSC website is up and running and as such the June minutes will be posted to PIPSC website.    Chris L’Estrange
  Creation of a survey for use at the 2017 Steward Council and share it secretarially. Ongoing. Dean Corda  

PIPSC Legacy Fund. Tim Azab is the new lead.

Peter Gilkinson will ask for direction from Eddie.

Tim Azab  
  A BBQ for PIPSC staff in the summer of 2018 is being considered by the ORE. We are looking to have the BBQ in Toronto. John gave an update that Marcia advised him that the staff would love to have this BBQ. To be tabled 2018 June meeting. John Purdie  
  Action Item: Pete to look into a resolution of the problems with the on-line training. Pete brought this to the TEC Committee for resolution. This is now with the TEC committee. They have lower the pass mark. This item is now resolved.   Pete Jozsa

Funding of Executive meeting expenses by PIPSC:

John brought forward the topic of Christmas Dinner for PIPSC Staff – with ORE. Funding issues for cost of the dinner. The cost of the dinner was historically covered by PIPSC but 2016 was referred back to the ORE budget.  This looks to be an OR expense.

Motion: If PIPSC does not cover any costs for the ORE to stay the night of the Christmas dinner the night immediately prior to the regular ORE December meeting, then the Ontario Region would cover the costs. 

Moved: John Purdie

Seconded: Tim Azab


John Purdie  
  Action Item: Tom to purchase 75 Blue Tooth Speakers for the PIPSC AGM.   Tom Yantsis
  Action Item: Tom to purchase 11 shirts for the ORE.   Tom Yantsis

Broadbent Institute Summit February 2018. 

Peter suggested that we try to decide who we might want to send next year so that we aren’t scrambling at the last minute. There is no rush at present but we should make a decision ahead of the Summit next year.


Peter Gilkinson  
  Action Item: Peter will take this to the October Board of Directors meeting. Peter Gilkinson  
  Action Item: John and Peter to draft an amendment to the travel policy for discussion by the ORE. This was regarding travel to attend ORE meetings. John will prepare a draft for the December 2017 ORE meeting. Pete Jozsa believes that this is an Ontario and Quebec specific issue. Pete Jozsa believes that the problem requires specific language to target the problem.

Peter Gilkinson

John Purdie


April is Sikh Heritage month:

Din explained that historically they have celebrated culture. However now it appears religion is being celebrated for some but not all. This will be brought to the Human Rights Committee.

  Action Item: Din to speak at the Human Rights committee about why a religion is now being recognized with a month. This is ongoing. Din will report back to ORE in December. Din Kamaldin  
  The Steward Council topics to be presented to the Stewards are the ones selected by the ORE. The feedback from the last Steward Council was that they wanted some fresh topics. We are also starting earlier to arrange for next years Steward Council, because the ERO’s need additional time to prepare. Completed.   Pete Jozsa
  Observers for the PIPSC AGM was discussed with the Branch Presidents and the observers were selected from amongst the Youth members. Completed.   Yvonne Snaddon

Tom advised that the Youth funding is available from PIPSC. Yvonne asked if we might consider in future years to have some partial funding available for observers to the PIPSC AGM.

Motion: The Ontario Executive to set aside a maximum amount of $2,000 to provide partial funding for the attendance of Observer(s) to attend the PIPSC AGM.

Moved: John Purdie

Seconded: Judy Chow


  Tom Yantsis
  Chris to draft a form on behalf of the Branch Liaison to get them started.  Ongoing. Chris L’Estrange  
  Tom has purchased the jackets for this Steward Council.   Tom Yantsis
  Yvonne has ordered and mailed out the “fix Phoenix” buttons for the NPSW.   Yvonne Snaddon
  The CLC subcommittees – Peter suggests having the seats filled with PIPSC representatives. Ongoing. Peter Gilkinson  
  CLC seat allocation. 110 seats many were not used in 2017. Peter is bringing this up at the BOD. Ongoing. Peter Gilkinson  

The December meeting. The meeting was confirmed for December 1,2017.

  Labour Day was a success. Din and Peter stated that there was a record number of attendees.   Peter Gilkinson and Din Kamaldin
  The May Labour School report will be delivered by Pete Jozsa at the Training Committee update below.    


Linda Joly has requested a Murphy Bed room as the Ontario Region hospitality room at the PIPSC AGM.


Linda Joly


  This concluded our action items from the last meeting.      
5. 2017 Ontario Steward Council Briefing – Pete Jozsa      


Pete Jozsa presented the OSC agenda and general discussion and suggestions were made regarding the various events and the needs of the presenters.

The Ontario Steward of the year will be selected tomorrow from among the Stewards who were referred for consideration.

Questions were asked regarding location of meetings and the time allocated for various events and these were addressed by the OSC chair, Pete Jozsa.

The binder will have the most recent agenda.

Judy would like to take a group photo of all the Stewards with their jackets. We discussed the logistics of taking a large group photo with the jackets because it takes a while to get the feedback forms and give the jackets and people want to leave as soon as they get the jacket.

It was decided that we will instead take the photo at a strategic point in the OSC. The jackets will not be part of the photo unfortunately due to timing.

Action Item: Judy to arrange taking the photo – make a comment and give instructions at the microphone and heard the Stewards to a place for the photo.

Judy Chow




Group Reports





The Regional Facebook Group report:

Facebook – Judy is the lead – she requests that we consider doing voting and many other tasks through Facebook.

Judy understands that not everyone uses Facebook. She asked that we just try. Judy requested that the entire ORE become engaged in the Facebook group.

National Training Committee report:

Yvonne updated the ORE regarding the committee work at the National level as the training structure is currently being reviewed and a consistent approach will be achieved from this process.

Several changes are being made to the process involved in selecting and approving Stewards for training courses in the future.











Strategic goals of the ORE for the year ahead





John Purdie provided the template which he created – it summarizes the various annual events including ORC and OSC and was created as a guide to help the ORE to keep focused on the issues and the items we need to follow up on.

John suggests that we have an update report at each ORE from the chairs of the various events.

We also are working on a business case to increase our training budget.

Judy had some ideas to evolve the template created by John Purdie and she will present with her amendments to the Ore at the next meeting.

Tim agrees with Judy on the points she made regarding adding columns to show timelines on reporting back and by whom.

Action item: Judy will work with the template and present back to the ORE in December 2017. She will prepare the revised document with 2018 in mind.

Judy Chow






New business





Timely submission of ORC resolutions to the PIPSC AGM:

Our Ontario Region resolutions were not submitted to PIPSC for the AGM by the deadline this year as a result of the process to submit the resolutions to PIPSC was unclear. As such they are considered late resolution.

Action Item: For Peter to reach out to the authors of the resolutions.

Discussion ensued including reading the by-laws 5.1 and 5.8 and also the role of the secretary and the ORE has determined that all correspondence of the Ontario Region which we all believe encompasses the submission of resolutions to the PIPSC AGM.

Peter Gilkinson




September 15, 2017





The meeting recommenced.

Peter Gilkinson as the chair suggested that we prioritize the remaining items on the agenda.  Pete Jozsa asked how this will be done. Peter Gilkinson explained that as the chair of the meeting he has the discretion to prioritize the agenda in order to ensure we cover the most important issues.

Pete Jozsa challenged the chair. Discussion on the topic of the challenge of the chair was commenced.

Pete Jozsa withdrew his challenge of the chair after the discussion on the subject on the premise that the ORE would prioritize the issues rather than the chair. This was agreed by all. 

As a group the committee discussed the importance of the remaining topics we must cover this morning.


Peter advised that the Ontario Region has secured a Murphy Bed room as our hospitality. Peter had an idea for an entertainer (a singer) a guitar with no Amplifier. Room space was discussed.

  Action Item: Judy was tasked with soliciting talent from our delegates to be the entertainment for the hospitality room on one of the three nights.

Judy Chow

  Action Item: Peter will contact the entertainer he plans to hire (for one of the three nights) for the AGM OR hospitality.

Peter Gilkinson

  Action Item: Peter will handle the food for the AGM OR hospitality.

Peter Gilkinson


Peter discussed resolutions at the AGM. Pete explained that there is a resolution discussion page on Facebook, and he will forward invites.

Youth delegates from Ontario Region (as were selected from the names brought forward) should be recognized. Yvonne had some ideas. Linda agreed with Yvonnes suggestions. The branch liaisons will be reaching out to the delegates.

AGM – Ontario Region Breakfast:

  Action Item: Yvonne will arrange with the PIPSC liaison for the AGM to host a breakfast for OR delegates.

Yvonne Snaddon


Youth Committee:

The Ontario Region would like to establish a youth committee. Tim explained that as a committee they might need to have meetings and a chair and a structure with a mandate and a budget. The budget is fully funded by PIPSC and not our budget as Yvonne explained.

  Action Item: Peter to contact PIPSC and ask about the committee structure. Peter and Yvonne will put a package together and send it to the ORE prior to the December ORE meeting. Yvonne explained that the Atlantic Region has already started their Youth Committee. She will contact the Atlantic Region.

Peter Gilkinson


December ORE meeting:

The meeting is set for December 9th. There is a conflict with Yvonne and John not being able to attend the ORE meeting.

The only option for us to have our meeting with the entire ORE present is to move the date. We discussed all the possible dates and found December 2nd was the only viable option.

  Action Item: Peter will approach the staff to ask if December 1st for the staff dinner. We understand there may be a conflict with that date with the staff. If necessary we may have to reschedule the dinner in February 2018.

Peter Gilkinson


June 1st, 2018 - ORE meeting:

The ORE had an email discussion in the past several weeks regarding securing a location for the June 2018 ORE meeting. Some ORE members were not in favour of this method of conducting business which they felt should be decided at an ORE meeting. Timing was an issue.

The ORE had a general discussion of best practices for going forward.

  Action Item: The Director will work with the secretary to prepare a spreadsheet with all the future ORE meetings so we can what is booked and where and when so that we can see what needs to be decided before the timing becomes an issue.      

We had voted to hold the meeting at Rocky Crest.

Motion to reopen this location decision.

Votes 6 for and 5 against.

The location decision is reopened.

  Action Item: Peter will gather the details (if there is a cancellation fee or any other costs involved) and then the ORE will hold a conference call to discuss whether we would change the location. The other location under consideration is Windsor. Peter Gilkinson    


Discussion on by law:

John – clarification that decisions on financial matters cannot be made via conference calls; must be done via in-person meetings.  People can make a vote via email or by proxy.

After hour conference calls, suggested 8:30PM, is better … Secretary is to arrange the calls.

Communication of the ORE:

Pete Jozsa explained that the communications of the ORE must go through the secretary.

John Purdie read and interpreted the by-laws.  All ORE communications will be made through the secretary.

By-laws were discussed in some detail to determine whether if the ORE decides that the secretary is responsible for all communications on behalf of the ORE then the ORC and the OSC also fall into the category where the secretary is then responsible for communications between the chair of the ORC and the OSC and PIPSC or PIPSC staff.

John Purdie stated that he believes that the communications we are talking about is limited to written communications (minutes and agenda and scheduling of meetings procedural written communications) and not discussions between the chair of the ORC and the OSC with PIPSC on the topic of arranging the event itself or the budget for event or the general planning and organizing of the events.

Peter Gilkinson was asked if he had requested that PIPSC staff should communicate with him only. Peter explained that he was trying to facilitate efficient communications and get the business done.

Tim pointed out that the Director is responsible “oversee” the actions of the ORE. How could he fulfill this responsibility if he doesn’t have the information so he should be aware of the actions of the ORE.

John agreed with Tim. But pointed out that the chair and the director could be two different people.

Tim clarified that he was speaking about the Director only. He must have first hand awareness of the OSC and the ORC etc., overall functions of the Ontario Region and subordinate bodies.

Steward of the Year:

The executive discussed the candidates for the 2017 Ontario Steward of the Year. General discussion ensued with various executive members speaking in favour of the candidates.

Motion: To vote on the Steward of the Year for 2017.

First: Peter Gilkinson

Second: John Purdie


Kendra Moore is the 2017 Steward of the Year.

The Joint Learning Program Initiative:

John spoke to the executive about this training initiative. Pete Jozsa provided some additional background information.

This is something that could be on the agenda at the ORC. We may have a speaker to address the assembly. This is a joint training (free and includes subjects such as Human Rights etc.) between the employer and the PIPSC union. This is something that PIPSC supports and feels we may consider promoting it to our members.

General discussion ensued. There is no cost to PIPSC at all. It was the opinion of the executive that this should be promoted.





  Action Item: The ORC chair will add this to the agenda for the 2018 ORC.

John Purdie


Google Drive:

Action Item: Yvonne explained that the google drive initiative will be worked on between herself and Dean.

Yvonne Snaddon and Dean Corda



Committee Reports





Training Committee Report

Pete explained that he already provided his report earlier in the meeting. Nothing more to add here. He took no questions.

Branch Liaison Report:

The second Branch President’s meeting was successful and the President’s want to continue with that as Pete said earlier.

Yvonne held another Branch Presidents call in late June which was a success.

The newsletter has some good articles and they must be translated before they can be posted.

Treasurers Report:

Tom assured everyone that we are within budget. He has secured the jackets for OSC.  Blue tooth speakers for the AGM are all lined up.

There were no questions.

Director’s Report:

Peter updated the executive of news from the BOD. The PIPSC financials are strong. He thanked Tom also for his hard work regarding the budgets for 2018.

There were no questions.





Round Table





Everyone intends to have a successful OSC.





Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm





Peter Gilkinson thanked the executive for a productive meeting.