DATE: Thursday, November 22nd 2018

TIME: 5:30 PM

LOCATION: Restaurant LA CASA GRECQUE 8245, boul. Taschereau Brossard, Qc (450443 0323)


Your 9th Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, November 22nd 2018 beginning at 5:30 PM.

As the number of places available for the dinner is limited, we urge you to confirm your presence for the supper by informing the Secretary Giovanni Giolti ( before November 16th, 2018.

A confirmation email will be sent to you at the latest by November 16th, 2018. The meal and consumption will be offered by the Montérégie Branch.

You will find at the Institute’s site (Quebec Region Branches/Monteregie):

  • the draft minutes of Nov.8th, 2017 will be submitted for your approval at this year’s AGM.
  • the By-Law amendments will be submitted for your approval at this year’s AGM.
  • call for nominations for positions on the Executive.

These documents will be available in electronic format only.

Please read them prior to the meeting.

From your Executive

Montérégie Branch

Date of publication:

Montérégie Branch Executives

9th Annual General Meeting of Montérégie Branch

November 22nd 2018, 5:30 PM.

Place: Restaurant Casa Grecque,

8245, boul. Taschereau, Brossard, Qc (450443 0323)


  1. Call to order and amendments to the agenda,
  2. Branch Executive members,
  3. Approval of Agenda,
  4. Adoption of the 2017 AGM Minutes<hyperlink to translated document> and business arising thereof.
  5. President’s report – Hugues Vanasse
  6. Annual Financial Report – Manon Duchesne
  7. Elections and Report of the Chair of the Elections Committee – Mario Lamarre.
  8. Introduction of the New Executive members
  9. Other business and By-Law amendments<hyperlink to bylawchanges.doc>,
  10. Adjournment
  11. Guest Speakers:
    1. Steve Parent, PIPSC AFS Group Regional Representative,
    2. Frédéric Durso, Employment Relations Officer,
    3. Sandra Guéric, Employment Relations Officer,


Call for Nominations

Pursuant to articles 4 and 7 of the Montérégie Branch By-Laws, be advised that Branch Executive positions (President, and four (4) Members-at-Large) will be filled through an election at the 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held on November 22th, 2018.

In order to expedite proceedings during the AGM, nominations must be submitted in writing (a simple email) by 5p.m. on November 16, 2018. Each nomination must be made by a member in good standing and seconded by another member in good standing. Written nominations must be sent to the Chair of the Election Committee, Mario Lamarre ( Members whose nominations have been submitted in writing and who cannot make it to the 2018 AGM must advise the Election Committee in writing of their interest in the position for which they were nominated.

From your Executive

Montérégie Branch

By-Law amendments


7.2.3 Reserved

7.2.4 The Elections Committee shall satisfy itself that the candidates for election are eligible and willing to serve.

7.3 Election Procedure

7.3.1 The Elections Committee shall serve as Returning Officers and shall establish procedures for the efficient conduct of an election, the counting and tabulating of ballots and all matters directly related thereto.

7.3.2 Reserved

7.3.3 Reserved

7.3.4 The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for a position shall be declared elected.

7.3.5 The results of the election shall be announced at the Branch Annual General Meeting and subsequently distributed.

7.3.6 The newly elected Branch Executive shall take office at the close of the Branch Annual General Meeting.

Modification(additions): The candidate with most votes shall become The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer (depending on the elections).. Once the president, the vice-president, the Secretary and the Treasurer are elected (depending on the elections) the Elections Committee identifies the workplaces where the rest of the Executive members come from (including the newly elected President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer). Should a workplace with more than 100 members is not be represented on the Executive, one of the three following situations applies: if there is only one nomination from this workplace, the nominee shall be acclaimed. If there is more than one nomination from this workplace, the nominee with most votes shall be declared elected. If no nomination is present from this workplace, then this position is included with those of All the remaining positions will be filled with the candidates with most votes in the general ranking.

Minutes of the Montérégie Branch 2017 AGM

  1. Call to order

H. Vanasse: The President called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. and welcomed the Branch members and guests. He mentioned that Yves Cousineau, President of the NR Group, had joined us for the AGM and that he telling us about some good NR Group news.

  1. Introduction of guests

H. Vanasse: Hugues took the opportunity to introduce the other guests for the evening: Stéphane Aubry, Part-time Vice-President PIPSC; Steve Parent, Regional Representative, AFS Group, PIPSC; Frédéric Durso, Employment Relations Officer; Sandra Guéric, Employment Relations Officer; and Yves Cousineau, President, NR Group.

  1. Approval of the agenda

Moved by Ghislain Biron, seconded by Marc Boutin.

  1. Adoption of 2016 AGM minutes

Moved by Chrystophe Jodoin, seconded by Marie-Gabrielle Collot.

  1. Introduction of Interim Executive

Hugues Vanasse President

*Manon Duchesne Treasurer

*Giovanni Giolti Secretary

*Lucie Dubé Member-at-Large

*Francine Carrier Member-at-Large

Ghislain Biron Member-at-Large

Fethi Boutaleb Member-at-Large

Jean-Denis Bisson Member-at-Large

Stéphane Boyer Member-at-Large

*Vacant Member-at-Large

*Eric Dupuis (1 year) Member-at-Large

*available positions

  1. Election

Mario Lamarre, the 2017 Election Chair, announced the available positions. Mr. Lamarre said there were still two vacant positions and asked the members interested to complete and submit the nomination form. After the forms were received and checked for eligibility, the members were acclaimed.

  1. Introduction of the new Executive

Hugues Vanasse President

Lucie Dubé Vice-President (elected)

Manon Duchesne Treasurer (elected)

Giovanni Giolti Secretary (elected)

Francine Carrier Member-at-Large (elected)

Ghislain Biron Member-at-Large

Fethi Boutaleb Member-at-Large (elected)

Jean-Denis Bisson Member-at-Large

Stéphane Boyer Member-at-Large

Steve Parent (1 year) Member-at-Large (elected)

Karina Forgues Member-at-Large (elected)

  1. Presentation of financial statements as of December 31, 2016, and the 2017 budget

Prepared and presented by Manon Duchesne, Treasurer, Montérégie Branch.

Moved by Fethi Boutaleb, seconded by Francine Carrier.

  1. Guest speakers

H. Vanasse: Before handing over the floor to the guests, Hugues thanked the members for their involvement. That involvement has allowed the Branch to deliver retirement planning sessions, hold meetings with the Varennes members, adopt a Montérégie banner, and so forth.

Stéphane Aubry: Stéphane’s mainly spoke about the Phoenix problems. The situation was truly disastrous for many of our members and we were all affected to some extent. Stéphane also told us that some CS members had been working to improve the system but that it was a painstaking job. Following a parliamentary lobbying campaign, PIPSC is now planning a grievance campaign concerning the Phoenix problems. Support will be given to Stewards for this campaign. A question and answer period with members followed. Ultimately, Plan B would be to start from scratch, but without SUBCONTRACTING.

Steve Parent: The tentative agreement was among the topics addressed by Steve. He spoke about the economic increases and the classification review. He also talked about the term “family” being expanded, which will have an impact on such things as bereavement leave. Steve also informed us of the code to be used at work for Phoenix corrections (applies to AFS Group only). As for sick leave, the status quo remains for now.

Yves Cousineau: Yves told us that the NR Group and Treasury Board just signed a tentative agreement (November 7, 2017). The handful of NR members in attendance got details on the agreement and were told when they would be receiving their retroactive pay.

Frédérick Durso: Frédéric gave a presentation on disciplinary action and termination grievances.

He also provided details on the decisions in regard to the withdrawal of reliability status. His talk was followed by a brief question and answer period.

Sandra Guéric: Sandra explained the reason for work descriptions. She said that classifications depend on the work description and she talked about the implications for members in terms of their annual evaluation. The wording must describe and specify the member’s duties, which must be recognized during the annual evaluation. It is up to members to insist on it. A short question and answer period followed the presentation.

  1. Closing remarks

H. Vanasse: Hugues thanked all members of the Executive, the guests, and the members who participated in the AGM this year.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Moved by Manon Duchesne, seconded by Philippe Fortin.