Phoenix Damages – claims process in development

Under our recent agreement with the Treasury Board, PIPSC members who have experienced hardship as a result of Phoenix errors are entitled to make a compensation claim.

We are currently working with the employer to set up a clear, one-stop process for Phoenix damages claims. The process is not yet in place.

As this work moves forward, we will provide a timeline for when the claims process will be ready. We anticipate that the process will be similar to the current process to claim out of pocket expenses.

When the claim process is established, you will submit all of your details and documents to the employer through that process. These claims will be made directly to the employer and not through PIPSC. Please hold on to any relevant information you have in relation to any claims.

At this time, we are not able to submit a claim on your behalf as we are still working with the employer to establish the claims process.

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