Vote to protect public services

We’re facing a global climate crisis – with fires, floods and extreme weather threatening us all.

Canada’s public service has some of the world’s best climate scientists. And they can give us the solutions to climate change that we need.

But they need the resources to do the job.

Meanwhile, we’re losing billions of dollars every year because of tax loopholes that let corporate cheats duck paying their fair share.

Do the math. Close the loopholes and we can fund climate action.

On October 21, Canadians will vote to set the course for the next four years. We need to elect a government that protects public services and respects the people who provide them.

As a union, we have the power to influence change. 

We’ve won scientific integrity. We’re replacing the failed pay system. We’re standing up for those who’ve suffered under Phoenix. We’re leading the fight against overpriced consultants.

This election, make a difference. Use your vote to protect public services.